Engagement rings have always been special. They represent your love and promises you make to your beloved. Mostly, circular they carry a deep meaning. However, each different style and design of the engagement ring has its special significance. They are circular because just like a circle, their relationship has no end. Hence, it symbolises infinity. It symbolises how the bond of marriage is supposed to be forever, endless and eternal. What is an engagement ring and what does an engaging ring symbolize? The engagement ceremony marks the beginning of the married life of a couple. It represents their devotion, commitment and love for each other. The circle represents that their married life to extend beyond the earthly limitations. The engagement ring hence renders a divine effect on their married life. Mostly it is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Because the ring finger is supposed to have the “vein of love”, which goes the nearest to the human heart. Types of Engagement Rings Needless to say, like all other types of rings, even engagement rings are available in a variety of styles and designs. We have brought to you a list of the most popular engagement rings.

  • Promise Ring

As the name suggests, a promise ring symbolises the promise one makes to his/ her beloved. This shows the commitment to which both couples are engaged. A promise ring also symbolises the trust and love you both thrust on each other.

  • Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire ring is the most traditional and classic style of an engagement ring. Solitaire comprises a single stone embedded. Its elegance and beauty remain unbeaten. If you are searching for an affordable option, a solitaire is the best option to go for. The beauty of solitaire can never go out of fashion.

  • Cathedral

This is another popular traditional style of ring that is still prevalent. It renders the architectural and structural vibe of an old cathedral. It also enhances the sophistication of your engagement outfit. Cathedral rings can be of various styles and shades. You can easily avail a 2 gram gold ring from online stores at discounted prices if you are unable to get them in nearby stores. 

  • Three-Stone Style

The three-stone engagement ring, also known as the trilogy style is an extremely romantic choice to opt for. The ring consists of three stones, placed side by side. They are said to represent your past, present and future. Also, it symbolises the wearer, the beloved and their love. They are versatile and can go well with any engagement outfit you choose to wear. Mostly, these rings have a large diamond at the centre and two small ones of equal size on each side. A few online stores and shops offer customized services. So if you have your creative ideas for designing a rose gold ring online, you can contact them. Not only would you get a variety of ideas and concepts to choose from, but also get quality products and services. So don’t delay any further and buy your favourite customised enhancement ring for the love of your life!


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