Hello gals! Our hair looses their natural shine because of the environment we live in which is full of dust and pollution these days. This makes using hair oil on a regular basis even more important, so today I am going to review Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil which is filled with the goodness of Thumba, a desert fruit along with bhringraj, sesame oil, mustard oil etc.



Price: INR 340

Quantity: 110ml


Thumba,Bhringraj,kranj,kapoor kachri,til oil,mustard oil.

Directions to use:

Gently massage on scalp and hair for 15 minutes every day so that the oil penetrates the roots of hair follicles. Wash your hair with a chemical-free shampoo afterwards.




What does the product claim:

Made with pure and top-grade natural ingredients, nature sure thumba wonder hair oil is an ayurvedic hair tonic made from herbs that help fight scalp infection and nourishes hair follicles. Thumba, also known as bitter apple, indrayan or hanzal, is a desert fruit whose oilseeds are medically proven to bring up to 70 percent follicles back to anagen phase successfully.

My Experience with Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil:

This oil comes in a plastic translucent green colour bottle with a flip cap which is quite sturdy and travel-friendly. This oil is almost colourless and has a strong herbal fragrance. It is lightweight, non-sticky, gets absorbed very quickly and gets rinsed off very easily even with a mild shampoo.






It has been almost a month since I am using this oil, I apply it on the scalp and keep it for an hour or two before rinsing it off. My hair gets very frizzy during monsoon season and this oil has surely taken care of that as it made my hair soft and smooth. My hair fall which becomes a cause of concern during the monsoon season has also reduced to some extent and I am sure with regular use this oil will further strengthen my hair. The oil is reasonably priced and gives you great results. So overall I am pretty satisfied and happy with my purchase.

Pros of Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil:

  1. Lightweight and non-sticky
  2. Makes my hair manageable and frizz-free
  3. Reduces hair fall and strengthen my hair
  4. Travel friendly
  5. Affordable price
  6. Gets rinsed off easily
  7. Adds volume to hair  

Cons of Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil:

  1. None

Final Rating: 4.7/5

Do I recommend Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil?

Yes, I surely recommend it to people who are facing issues like hair fall, frizzy hair and dandruff etc.

You can purchase Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil here


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