Hello everyone! Today I am going to review Nature Sure Kalongi Black Seed Tablets. These tablets are extracted from pure, top-grade Nigella sativa seeds and help strengthen our body from the inside and prevents us from several diseases.


Price: INR 395 

Quantity: 90 tablets

How to use: Two tablets each with water twice or thrice a day, or as directed by the physician

Ingredients: Each tablet contains 300mg Kalonji (Black seed) extract (Nigella sativa).

Safety Information: Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid taking these tablets due to a lack of safety data. Consult a physician if you are on any other medication. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from sunlight and moisture.

What the Product Claims:

Made with pure and top-grade natural ingredients, Nature Sure™ Premium Kalonji Blackseed Tablets are nature’s blessing for a good life. Each tablet contains 300mg of 100% pure extract of Kalonji (Black Seed, or Nigella sativa). Daily use of these tablets helps strengthen your body from the inside, protect it against several health risks, provide antioxidants and purify the blood. A top-quality natural & vegetarian product from Nature Sure™, approved by FSSAI and made with pure highest-grade ingredients at GMP & ISO-certified units approved by Directorate of AYUSH 




My Experience with Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets:

The tablets come in a plastic container, the packaging is quite sturdy and travel-friendly. It has been almost 15 days since I am using these tablets. Being an ayurvedic product there are certainly no side effects of these tablets. I always prefer natural products when it comes to my health, skin, beauty and hair. I also prefer opting for home remedies but due to lack of time, I usually skip on it as these home remedies take a lot of your time and efforts. So I recently came across these natural tablets which are a perfect replacement for home remedies as these tablets certainly have a lot of health benefits and medicinal properties. These tablets have helped me fight my acne issues for sure. My immunity has improved and these tablets have helped me with my digestive problems as well. I believe with regular and long term use of these tablets your overall health will improve for sure.


Pros of Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets:

  1. Boosts immunity and energy
  2. 100% natural product
  3. Strengthens joints and bones
  4. Rejuvenates mind and body
  5. Boosts digestive system
  6. Stimulates brain health
  7. Improves heart health
  8. Useful in sleep disorder

Cons of Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets:


Final Rating: 4.5/5

Do I recommend Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets?

Yes, I surely recommend it.

You can purchase the tablets here


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Nature Sure Kalonji Black Seed Tablets Review & Pictures

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