It has always been ambiguous on how high-end jewellery is defined in different parts of the world. The major categories of Jewellery over the years have been costume/fashion Jewellery and Fine/High-end Jewellery. There is a thin line of differentiation between the two and it has been smudged over the years. However, Jewellery enthusiasts always defined this as a level of subjectivity. Few of them tag brands such as Cartier’s, Tiffany’s and Chanel as high-end Jewellery, they believe it is sheer bliss to own a piece from these brands. They are regardless of the workmanship or stones used to design the Jewellery. For some inspired Jewellery designs form high-end jewellery, for some the sheer elegance of material usage forms high-end jewellery, some consider timeless pieces that can be passed on to generations as high-end jewellery.




However, our perspective on fine jewellery is entirely unique. The gold-rich and gold centric society always believes that the greater the gold possession the richer a human being is. This has been prevalent since good old days and would continue to be relevant for the coming many years.

Precious High-End Jewellery

As discussed, there are different interpretations for high-end jewellery, however to many jewellers across world high-end jewellery as the name suggests are made with precious stones, gold, silver or platinum, studded with the most natural and precious gemstones. One can view such classics at helloice , an online platform. They have redefined precious jewellery for a long time now and have been continuing it. Their vast design range includes well-curated pieces studded with hand-set stones and precious stones. For example, their iced out pendants and iced out chains are an epitome of fine Jewellery. The sheer design elegance and craftsmanship with which they are made is beyond words.

They use a combination of gold with hand-set stones and many such rare and precious stones, to keep it shining from all angles. This puts them apart from the rest of the Jewellery stores online.



An Element of Exclusivity

Machine-made lots of jewellery have lost its charm, handmade jewellery of the good old days have become luxury in the world market. Handcrafted, exclusive and handpicked jewellery is the new order of the day. Hip hop jewelry is one such classic example. The unique is chiselled to perfection in these exclusive pieces.

The fact that these are one of its kind Jewellery pieces makes them into the High-end/ Fine Jewellery category. These collections include exclusively designed pieces which are not available in the regular stores. They are personalized and custom made in various ways. These are personalized in terms of the cut, clarity, size, shape, design and weight and include engraving, use of rare stones, shapes, design, size etc. This also makes the Jewellery fine and High-End.

Finally, whatever may be the logic behind fine Jewellery, it is definitely worth owning a piece!!


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