Lingerie is the most important part of every woman’s wardrobe. It is the foundation of any great outfit. Wearing gorgeous lingerie makes you feel both confident and comfortable at the same time. Bras are the first piece of garment that goes on the body and its the closest one to the skin. Which is exactly why it becomes important to shop good quality bras that are crafted from comfortable fabrics and are gentle on the skin. 

Gone are the days when women would just settle for ordinary undergarments, today is the time of sexy & fashionable bra styles. There is something astonishing about those sexy lacy garments that make one feel feminine, beautiful and attractive. 

Lingerie shopping is a private experience for all women. Shopping for lingerie in stores and markets has always been an uncomfortable experience.  Especially explaining the type and kind of lingerie you need and sometimes the feeling of a salesperson judging your choices. With this fear of being judged often leaves you buying something else.

This is where online shopping comes as a blessing for women. Online shopping sites give you the security & assurance of shopping the sexiest lingerie without the embarrassment of being judged. 

Be it a see-through thong, a sexy babydoll or a hot lace bra, you can shop all your lingerie wishes in just a click. There are a lot of bra brands that you can shop from.  Like Victoria Secret, Clovia, Enamor, Amante, Jockey, Marks & Spencer and many others. These websites have a huge collection of bras to choose from – padded, push-up, strapless, bralette, you name it and everything is available online at these brand websites. 

 Following are the best bra brands that you can choose from.


Clovia is the best Indian lingerie brand. Clovia offers great quality bras at affordable prices. You can shop 4 everyday bras for 499 or 3 padded bras for 999. They have all bra styles from t-shirt, push-ups, strapless, backless etc. Clovia understands Indian body types and caters to sizes up to 42D. 

 Mark & Spencers:


It is a brand which is involved in continuous evolution and trying out to bring something different to the market. Along with a modish and stylish bra. Mark & Spencer bring premium products right from the runway to your wardrobe. 



Jockey is one international brand that offers everyday bras crafted to give you utmost comfort. Their styles and designs adapt to all body shape with sizes ranging from S to 3XL! Whether lounging at home or on the go, Jockey bras can be your go-to option.

With the advancement in IT, the world of the internet now offers several online shopping platforms; some of the websites are specially for lingerie shopping. These websites are blessings for most of the women as the online purchase is more comfortable and provides complete privacy and security and provides a wide variety of products at your doorstep.


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