We all agree that styling your hair can amp up your overall look by hundreds of folds. If you’re rushing to the salon every time to get your hair styled by experts, let us tell you that you can now style your hair at home and manage to look elegant and chic. If you want to know how to style your hair at home, you’ve come to the right place. With our expert tips and tricks, you will no longer have to google how to style your hair.

Whether you’ve got to impress your crush on your first date or nail that interview or rock that meeting, if you want to know how to style your hair, these styling tips from professionals will definitely come in handy. 

1. A super chic top knot: If you have a virtual date and are wondering how to style your hair, let us tell you that all you need is a rubber band. Just tie your hair in a top knot and let the loose hair trails frame your face. This classic messy top knot will bowl your date over.

2. A classic high ponytail: Nothing can go wrong with a classic high ponytail, offering you the right amount of chic and sassiness to your look. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and tweak it a bit with bobby pins and get the extra volume you require.

3. Colour your hair at home: Ditch the salon visits every time you have to get your hair coloured because you can now colour your hair at home. With gloves, hair colour brush and your favourite hair colour, get an instant hair makeover right from the comfort of your house.

4. Get chopsticks-like curls at home: If you’ve failed to eat your noodles with chopsticks, don’t toss them into the dustbin. Use them as an inspiration to curl your hair. Get chopsticks-like curls at home with a hair curling iron and some heat protectant serum.

5. Style your hair with a scarf: Scarves are just the right accessory to style your hair. If you want to know how to style your hair, a scarf is all you need. Wrap it onto your head like a headband and twist and twirl the extra cloth and tuck it behind your head with bobby pins. You can even wrap it onto your head, tie a classic knot on the side or the top, twist the extra cloth and secure it with bobby pins behind your neck. If you have colourful scarves lying in your wardrobe, take them out and accessorise your hair with them.

Next time when you wonder how to style your hair, just follow these easy styling tips from professionals and you’ll get salon-style hair in just a few minutes. Before you style your hair with heating tools, make sure to spray a heat protectant serum onto your hair, saving them from any damage. Secure your hairdo with a hair setting spray and you’re good to go. With these hairstyling tips, get a classy hairstyle and paint the town red.


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  1. I used to use an old wooden pencil to create those ‘chopstick’ curls, I’ve invested in a chopstick curl since and I love it! One of the perks of that style as well is your hair doesn’t look greasy as quick, I think I got eight days out the style before I washed my hair!
    Milli x – https://millidavison.co.uk/

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