Who said that heels are what defines a woman. The modern woman of the century writes her own definition and this time she has opted the comfort with style. Yes, you heard that right the new trend that is in the air is the comfortable flats. No matter where you are headed the one piece of footwear that suits your every look is the graceful flat sandals for women.

Especially when you are all ready for your office the comfortable flat shoes are just the perfect things to offer your legs a comfort treat and you a graceful walk. Here are a few chosen foot wears for your formal office look and yes the most for your comfort:

  • TOMS:

TOMS are the new trend. They are the perfect thing for the color lovers. Available in multicolor and styles this is the perfect footwear to be matched with your one-pieces dress. You can also wear them with skirts and blazer tops. For sure they offer you extra comfort as they are very light weighted and cushioned. And the best part they come at a very affordable price so it’s time to grab one for you.


  • Sneakers:

The one thing that defines flats and comfort the best are the sneakers. Available in many colors and patterns, they are the first choice for women of all the age groups. You can pair it with your formal cum casual dresses and walk to the meeting rooms right away. The important tip to remember is not to wear a very sporty outfit or one which is too loose for the office decorum. You may try wearing tops & tees that give you a formal look with the best pair of your sneakers.


  • Ballerinas:

These are the shoes which never left the market. A must buy the item in every girl’s shopping list these shoes are very comfortable. They are available in many designs and patterns. They also go with your Indian as well as a western avatar. So pair them with your ladies Kurti or with your one-pieces dress. From suede to leather you may buy your favorite Ballerina and wear your style to the office.


  • The ankle buckle sandal:

A delicate piece that graces your feet the best Ankle Buckle Sandal goes the best with your girls kurti and leggings. They are available in sober colors and at a very nominal price. The elegant footwear is made of a material that offers you comfort with style. So wear this footwear and mark your style.


  • Zipper Closure Sandal:

If you are a lady of elegance this is what you need to wear to your workplace. Beautifully crafted footwear with a zipper at the back that offers you complete grip and a sophisticated style statement. Paired with a trouser and tops for women this footwear will surely become your signature style.


  • The slip on:

Some days just are for a break from the normal and to be an ordinary girl. These flat and comfortable flats are made for just those days. Pair them with your any outfit and you are ready with your ordinary but most special of all style statement with sandals.


The tik-tok of your heels must be a great show but the comfort of the flats knows no comparison. Giving you a distinct style they are the most versatile footwear that suits your casual as well as your formal look. So this time when you go for your wardrobe shopping, do not forget to get all the footwear we just introduced you too. It may be a little heavier on your pocket but trust us they are a possession forever.

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