When it comes to jewellery, there are no gender rules. Necklaces as an accessory have a huge history in menswear. Men’s necklaces have a long history in both high fashion and streetwear. Men have long embraced chains as a sign of style and class.

Worn either alone or with a pendant, cuban link chain is certainly the most popular men’s necklace style. There is a plethora of designs and chain types available on one of our favourite online jewellery stores Helloice to choose from to make this menswear classic a look of your own. 

When we talk about things the human eye likes to behold, fine jewellery will surely come at the top of the list. A tastefully worn necklace looks pretty attractive on guys, with such an amazing range of designs it is surely a matter of taste. Worn over a shirt, unbuttoning your shirt or tucked under a shirt an anime necklace will certainly bring an air of cool, sexy and sophisticated no matter how you prefer to style it.

We all know that the key to pulling off any piece of accessory is to always opt for what feels natural to you. Whenever you wear something with confidence it naturally looks attractive on you. Though you can always take inspiration from your favourite fashion icons the key is to be authentic and honest with yourself.

Men wear necklaces to have fun with their style, to express themselves and for the feeling of luxury. Another special thing about wearing men’s necklaces is how personal they can be. Unlike a shirt that we generally change every day, a piece of jewellery becomes a part of us that we wore every day, it accompanies us everywhere.

A necklace is an accessory that elevates and completes your look and outfit. It represents something meaningful about us, it is close to our heart and gives us comfort and strength. 

The most common necklace styles are iced out chains in silver and gold. They both are timeless and sturdy, both metals are very neutrals which can go with anything, so you really cannot go wrong with either. Depending on the colours you are drawn to in your wardrobe and your skin tone you can gravitate towards any one of these two.


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Are Necklaces or Chains Attractive on Guys?

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