Delhi is abuzz with make-up artists who have made it big in the glam world. They are an inspiration and followed by many aspirants. They frequently give talks in fashion institutes, hold live social media events and even have dedicated channels to themselves. All of this is not without a reason.

Beauty captures attention and with growing consciousness among people about their looks and booming modelling and entertainment industry, the demand for make-up professionals is rising. These professionals use makeup and prosthetics to give a shape to a person’s persona thus bringing alive the character for films & television industry, photoshoots, and even modelling. 

Fashion designers involve makeup artists to come up with a certain look for the models to enhance their fashion designs. In addition, the services of makeup artists are also sought after by newsmakers to prepare them for live audience interactions & presentations. This is not all, as now their services are even being increasingly sought after by individuals during important ceremonies like marriages, baby showers, and engagements, etc. 

Makeup artists are not limited to just make-up, for they have launched cosmetic products under their names. They are even engaged by fashion and beauty magazines to offer their wisdom, tips, and beauty secrets. Therefore, this is an industry that offers lucrative opportunities.   

Available Courses & their benefits:

People with innate creativity, color perception, strong imagination, and self-belief can easily flourish in this industry. The certificate course will help him in sharpening his skills, boost confidence, give exposure, and perfect his art, and also in preparing his portfolio. 

Various courses in Fashion and Celebrity makeup are available to help students in understanding every aspect of this industry including the involved technicalities, skin types, and industry specifics. The benefits of doing makeup courses in Delhi are:

  • Industry-valid certification
  • Make-up and hairstyling certification course that is in sync with the latest trends at the national and international level
    • Updated knowledge about International looks and styles
    • Latest fashion trends and product developments
    • Knowledge about skin science, skincare, beauty & general cosmetology 
    • Knowledge about skin & hair types and facial features
    • Knowledge about the usage of varied products as per diverse skin/hair types
    • Makeup etiquettes and hygiene
    • Occasion specific makeup 
  • Industry trained faculty and trainers with Specialization
  • Participative hands-on learning 
  • Post course completion support – internship and a comprehensive placement program
  • Additional career support curriculum-Weight loss program, Yoga/fitness expert, personality development program, digital marketing, photography, personal styling
  • Weekend classes for students busy in other professions
  • Industry exposure from events like fashion shows, film/TV shoots, etc. held in Delhi  

While all the benefits accrue to the person doing a makeup course in Delhi but it’s his practice that will make a make-up artist perfect his art. Expert guidance along with continuous practice will nurture the skills in new looks and techniques, and succeed in this competitive yet fulfilling creative industry.     


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