There’s nothing worse than a constant nagging back pain which never leaves you for an hour and what you are doing is just holding your back and cribbing about how bad it is. It is like a screwdriver constantly piercing your back without there being space for a screw. It’s as bad as it gets. But thanks to science, nowadays it can be curbed with a mixture of physical exercise, physiotherapy and proper diet. Here we will discuss 8 ways to get over back pain.


This is the most important and long term remedy for your back pain, it relives you from your back pain not just for now but forever if you continue with it. It gives you a better posture and back strength. Mostly people face the problem of lower back pain. It can easily be handled in the gym by focusing on lower back specific exercises. You should start with it and continue it. Make it your best friend as if you do friendship with exercising, it will keep the menace of that screwdriver away from you, keeping you happier than ever.

8 Ways to Get Over Back Pain



Well if you have a lot of pain in the back and you tend to bed rest a lot, thinking of recovering early?? Girls you are doing it the wrong way. According to a study in America patients resting more than 3 days in bed due to back pain feel more pain than those who don’t. So now you know why you feel lazier, and it pains even more. So rest, not indiscriminately but judicially.

8 Ways to Get Over Back Pain



People do not focus on their postures while doing their daily chores. And that is a major reason for increase in cases of back pains. Next time you come back from the gym, know that the pain is not out of gym exertion, not because of cycling you went for today, but this has been building out of the long history of your bad body posture.

8 Ways to Get Over Back Pain



If you are experiencing a lot of pain only exercising is not enough. You surely need some therapy, so you need to go see physiotherapist. Take the therapy side by side and continue with other things that have been suggested. You will get better and quicker results. And further it’s always suggested to see an expert at times of chronic pains.

8 Ways to Get Over Back Pain


Apply ice instantly if you have caused a back strain. It’s widely suggested that you use ice packs for the first 48 hours and then apply hot packs to the place of strain. This will give you instant relief if the injury has just taken place and then follow the above mentioned remedies.

8 Ways to Get Over Back Pain



Well yeah smoking does not just harm your lungs but also your back. Nicotine causes your blood vessels to contracts which decreases the blood flow to the soft tissues. So not just smoking, quit everything that contains nicotine for a healthy back.

8 Ways to Get Over Back Pain



If your body is stiff you are more likely to have a back sprain. So reduce the stiffness by being a little more flexible. Do stretching and yoga regularly to increase your flexibility.

8 Ways to Get Over Back Pain



Well as we all know more the weight more is the pressure on the legs and back. So if you are able to check your weight and reduce it, for sure you will have relief from the back pain. It is a great unseen and un-noticed remedy but one of the most effective. So just reduce some kilos and see your pain disappear.

8 Ways to Get Over Back Pain


Well folks do this and I am sure you will get some relief from the chronic problem you are facing. I want to especially emphasize on exercising as it will help you stay back pain free if you continue to do it. So do share with us your experience, till then stay fit, exercise well.

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