This is a special post for all those people who are unable to go to the gym for whatever reason and also do not lift weights but desire to have a good lean body. In this post we will discuss about many different variations of push-ups and what these help in achieving and also how you can achieve a good physic with free hand exercise.8 DIFFERENT VARIETY OF PUSH-UPS AND WHAT THEY WORK FOR!

Firstly for the warm up go for a jog, come back and do some stretching. Post these do 4-5 sets of chin ups and then start with these push-ups for good results.

  1. Wide Grip Push-ups:

This is the classic push up style. Keep your palm just in line with the deltoid (shoulders). These push-ups work a great deal for your chest. The effect of these push-ups is also to be felt on shoulders and triceps. It must be kept in mind that most of the effect must fall on chest as opposed to shoulders.


  1. Diamond Push-ups:

This one comes with a caution as this puts a lot of strain on your wrists. This is the best push-up for your triceps and also works well for shoulders. But the suggestion would be that you be cautious doing this one as strain on wrists is a potential risk.


  1. One Arm Push-ups:

This variant puts effect on shoulders and elbow. The key here is to keep your legs as wide as possible so that you have a stable base. Keep your arms in a slightly perpendicular position as compared to the normal grip. One thing needs to be kept in mind, that is, you do need to be properly warmed up for this one as otherwise it may lead to some problems. This one is the most difficult of the lot, as you balance your whole weight entirely on one arm.


  1. Front Clap Push-ups:

These are also called military style push ups. Here you push yourself up and clap and then again come back to the position to push yourself up again. These require an extra push which is helpful in pumping chest muscles. The position is the same as in classic style, the only difference being clapping while pushing yourself up.


  1. Behind the Back Push-ups:

These are one step more difficult than front clap push-ups. These require strong wrists especially given the fact that you requires an extremely hard push to be able to get the height to clap behind your back. Subsequently when you come down, you come with force which is quite stressful for the wrists. If you plan doing them regularly, find a softer surface which can absorb the shocks and pressures and be soft on your wrists.

  1. Decline Push-ups:

Here you place your legs at an elevated place and using standard grip do push ups. These push-ups put some strain on your wrists so it is advisable to instead only do wide grip push-ups.


  1. T Push-ups:

These are best used as warm up exercises for the main course. They especially help the shoulder muscle to warm up and set you in motion for the routine.


  1. Closed Grip Push-ups:

These are one of the best exercises for triceps. The main effect is felt on them as well as inner chest. One of the most fruitful variants.


So following these you can stay in touch with exercise even when you are not in a place where you can lift. Do share with us your experience after following the routine.

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