This is one of the most important, blessed, lovely, beautiful and emotional time of a lady’s life. Having an unborn in your womb is a dream of every women and when that happens you have to be very careful with all the things you eat and put inside your system as it not just affects you but also the one inside your womb. There are dozens of people who take care of you when you are expecting but the most important thing is to know yourself what to and what not to have in these times. The most important part is second one i.e. of knowing what not to have in this condition. We will today list some of the things you should not be having while you are pregnant as they can either cause food poisoning or harm the unborn.


When talking about eggs we mean raw or uncooked eggs. As these can lead to food poisoning. While having no eggs is not what is required but you have to make sure the eggs you have are in no way raw. You can get the eggs boiled and boiled properly till the yolk and egg whites are completely solid and separate.

Unboiled Milk.

No un-boiled milk too. It can lead to bacterial infections which might be harmful for both the mother and the child. So do not have unpasteurized milk which is not boiled. You can have milk but boil it first.


Avoid goat cheese and soft-blue-veined cheese as these contain a bacteria named listeria which can cause listeriosis. Well, though the chances of catching this infection are rare but still you must avoid it as far as you can. No one would ever want to take even a remote chance just for satisfying the tongue.


Shed all the meat that comes your way if it is not cooked properly. If you have it then make sure that there is no trace of pink in the piece you have grabbed. Secondly you need to be careful with the ready to eat and pasteurized meats. Read the packets carefully if the meat is to be cooked before you eat it, make sure you cook it properly. Plus if the meat is ready to eat do remember to keep it inside the freezer as freezing kills most parasites and you will be safer having the meat.


You should stop touching that bottle of alcohol in the bar even before you are pregnant. You should stop its usage from the time you are planning to get pregnant as alcohol can have serious issues with your child’s development.



You can intake caffeine but remember not in any circumstances its usage should go above 200mg. to be on the safer side limit it to 150 mg per day. Caffeine can have serious issues with baby’s weight while he is born, he can be underweight because of its excess intake.

Vitamin A:

If you are having any multi vitamin tablets or any fish oil supplements you must stop having them. As excess of it can cause problems for the little unborn. You should stop the usage of any of vitamin A supplements for a healthy new born.


Well tuna is one of the fishes that you must avoid and shark is the one you should never have when you are pregnant. Fishes are oily and can also cause food poisoning which is not good for you and the baby. So stop the intake.

Well I hope you will comply by the things we have compiled and consult a doctor for your problems if you face any. Have a great parenthood.

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Foods That You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

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