Hello beauties! How are you doing?? Hope you all are doing great. Today I am in a mood to share some hassle free and easy tips which will help you shed kilos. These are some very simple tips for the most sluggish of dieters. So girls stay tuned as you cannot afford to miss these 🙂 .

Exercising and sleeping go hand in hand: As we all are aware that exercising is important to achieve sustained and healthy weight loss. But I guess most of you might not be aware that taking proper and ample sleep is as much important as exercising. Now you wonder how?? Actually what happens is that when we do not take proper sleep we feel tired and our bodies crave sugar and carbohydrates. So this automatically leads to excess carbohydrates and sugar intake and we end up piling on the kilos.

Opt for a simple breakfast: Dieting sounds like you have to make too many compromises when it comes to food or you have to make a special intricate breakfast. But gals just relax as sometimes the simplest options work the best. So all you need to do is go for porridge over sugary cereals. Porridge will keep your stomach full till the lunch time which will automatically curb your desire of reaching out for the mid morning biscuits or snacks.


Increase your water intake: A very common mistake done by most of us is that at times we confuse thirst with hunger. Many a times that hungry feeling is simply our body’s need for fluids. So before you lay your hands on snacks drink a glass of water and see if that helps. Replace your late night snacking with peppermint tea. Peppermint tea will not only reduce the late night craving, it will also help you have a good night sleep by releasing the tensions in your muscles.


Switch coffee for a green tea: Switching coffee for green tea is always a healthy option. Green tea boosts your mood as well as gives a kick start to your day.


Go for soups:We all know that soup is a simple, easy, quick and healthy meal. So gals go as often as possible for these.


I hope you all will find the tips useful and helpful 🙂 .

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Easy And Simple Dieting Tips For Lazy Bones

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