Hello gals! Today I am here to share some ideas that can help you to define and contour to enlarge your eyes. Easy makeup tricks and some wonder items in your vanity can do the trick. So stay tuned to know the tricksJ.

Waterline magic:Instead of using the black kajal, use white eyeliner on the waterline. You can also use the white eyeliner on the corner of your eyes as well to make your eyes look wider. In case white looks too strong on your skin tone then you can go for beige or champagne hues.
Area below the eyebrows: To emphasis the area below your eyebrows use a highlighter. Go for silver or off white shadow below the eyebrows or on the brow bone. Make sure that you merge the highlighted part with your eyelid hues so that the highlighted part would not look odd in any manner. Using highlighter will uplift your eyes and will make them look a bit wider.   
Mascara wonder:Use a mascara to perk up the lashes. Here your focus should be on curling and elongating rather than making your eye lashes look stiff with double coats. If you want you can also use faux lashes.
Cover up baggy under eyes: Baggy under eyes brings down our look very quickly. So it becomes really important to conceal them with make up so that your eyes look more alert and bigger. Even if you don’t have the time to follow the complete primer, concealer and foundation routine, you can just use a good BB cream that suits your skin tone to cover up quickly.  
Winged eyeliner: Winged eyeliner can be really helpful in creating an illusion of bigger eyes. Rather than going the monochrome way, make your cat eye more party ready by using more color. You can use a bright blue with colorless shimmer to top it so that the look gets embolden.
I hope you guys will find these tips helpful to make your eyes look wider, bigger, brighter and above all more beautifulJ.
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