Your eyes are the most striking feature on your face. In addition, eyelashes add to the charm of your eyes. They enhance the overall look of your face. However, certain medical conditions or advancing age can cause your lashes to fall out.

If you are suffering from thin lashes and want to regain the volume of your lashes then you have landed to the best place. Here are mentioned a few ways that can help you to thicken your eyelashes.

1. Combing

Combing your eyelashes is as important as combing your scalp hair. Make it a routine to brush your eyelashes every day. In addition to other benefits, it will give your lashes longer and fuller look and make your lashes seem longer. Comb your lashes before applying mascara so as to separate them and get clump-free eyelashes.

Why does it work:

Brushing your eyelashes will improve the flow of blood and stimulate hair growth.

What to do:

In order to comb your lashes, take a special brush or a clean brush from a mascara tube. Add a few drops of Vitamin E on it. Brush your lashes for a few minutes. Do this twice every day for best results.

2. Oils

You can use various oils for nourishing, protecting and growing your lashes. You can use one of the following oil blends to promote the growth of eyelashes.

  • Castor and Olive Oil

Mix one teaspoon of olive and castor oil. Use this mix before bedtime.

  • Aloe Vera eye mask

Mix one teaspoon of castor oil, burdock oil, and aloe Vera gel. Then add a few drops of Vitamin A and Vitamin E to it. Use this mix once in a week and nourish your baby lashes.

  • Coconut oil

Use organic coconut oil before bedtime. Remove your makeup before applying the oil. You can use this treatment thrice a week.

Why it works:

Castor, olive, coconut, burdock oils contain fatty acids, which provide nutrition and nourishment to the follicles of the lashes.

What to do:

Use a cotton swab to dab the oils on your lashes. Carefully apply the oils on just your lashes, these oils are quite viscous and do not let it enter your eyes.

3. Careprost:

Careprost is the most effective solution for growing eyelashes. It is very useful and the best part is that it is pocket-friendly. It has minimal side effects if used as per the directions of your doctor. It is meant for external use only.

Why does it work:

Careprost eye drop contains active component bimatoprost, which enhances the growth of your lashes Read More. Careprost and Generic Villa you can find at affordable price it not only helps in thickening of the lashes but also reduces the eye pressure.

What to do:

Apply the solution with the help of a dropper on the upper lashes of your eyes. Do not apply the medicine on the lower lashes.

4. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly will keep your lids moisturized. It will even prevent the growth of eyelash mites that damage the lashes.

Why it works:

Petroleum jelly keeps the lashes moist and soothes them.

What to do:

Apply a little jelly on your lids with a clean brush. You can apply it before bedtime. Do not let the petroleum jelly get into your eyes. Wash your face carefully in the morning.

5. Good nutrition

No remedies of thickening lashes will give best results until and unless you improve your dietary habits. Consider a lifestyle change to improve your overall health.

Why it works:

Your eyelashes will start thinning if you are a deficit in vitamins, proteins, and essential nutrients.

What to do:

You can add more vitamins, proteins, foods rich in fatty acids like nuts, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and fish.

6. Green tea

Green tea acts as a soothing agent for your tired eyelashes and eyes. Moreover, it is rich in anti-oxidants that can rejuvenate your skin.

Why it works:

Green tea is loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants and that is the reason it is the main ingredient of almost all beauty and hair treatment products.

What to do:

Pamper yourself with a cup of green tea every day. Alternatively, you can make a strong cup of green tea. Cool the tea, and then apply the tea on your eyelids using a cotton pad. Do this twice daily.

7. Aloe vera

Why it works:

The pulp and juice of aloe vera are very beneficial for strengthening the hair as it is rich in nutrients.

What to do:

Take a fresh leaf of aloe Vera, squeeze the juice out of it. Apply this juice over your lashes.

Leave it overnight and wash your eyes the next morning. In order to increase the effectiveness, you can add olive oil and castor oil.

8. Massage

Why it works:

Massaging your eyelashes and eyelids can improve the blood circulation around your eyes. Better blood circulation means improved growth of lashes.

What to do:

Wash and dry your hands before massaging your eyelashes. Take a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil and massage gently for a few minutes. You can repeat the process 3 times a week.

9. Egg mask

Why it works:

Eggs are rich in B-group vitamins and biotin that help in hair strengthening. Applying egg mask on your lashes will strengthen and nourish your lashes.

What to do:

Take one whole egg and mix glycerin or petroleum jelly to it. Carefully apply this mixture on your lashes. You can use this mask 3-4 times a week for a few months.

10. Cleaning

Why it works:

Do not leave mascara on your lashes before bedtime. Make sure to clean your eyelashes before sleeping. If your lashes come in contact with the pillow they will get some serious damage.

What to do:

Remove your make-up using a makeup remover or simply wash your face-off with a good cleanser.

A few more tips

  1. Do Eyelashes Grow Back Check answer here
  2. Never pull your eyelashes. While curling your eyelashes do not pull out your lashes. The roots of eyelashes are not very strong.
    1. All the treatments and solutions take a few weeks to show results. Eyelashes go through a growth cycle just as the scalp hair.
    2. Daily care and nourishment can prevent damage and breakage of eyelashes. However, it cannot change the genes.
    3. It is normal to lose up to four eyelashes a day. Losing more than 4 lashes may indicate some issue that needs medical attention.
    4. Always use good eye makeup brands.
    5. Make a habit of using eyelash serums.
    6. Do not use waterproof mascara as they make the lashes dry.
    7. Never use old makeup.

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