The weather is sort of ‘in-between seasons’ right now which – let’s be honest – may make for some pretty pictures with your girlfriends, but it can be really annoying when it comes to knowing how to dress in the morning. Don’t let the change in the air dictate how fabulous you look each day. Embrace the glory that is transitional dressing and enjoy wearing your favorite pieces well into the next season (and the one after that).

What is Transitional Dressing?

Think of transitional dressing as your own personal fashion DIY hack for helping your wardrobe carry on past its allotted calendar months. Transitional dressing is basically the art of dressing for those pesky ‘too hot/too cold/but not hot or cold enough’ days that seem to loop on an endless cycle when you’re stuck living between seasons but don’t want to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe to accommodate Mother Nature’s mood swings.

Why You Should Embrace It 

Aside from being a great way to save money, transitional dressing also helps you survive all of those daily temperature fluctuations that otherwise pose an annoying challenge to your day. Dressing in layers is a one-way transitional dressing that can really work for you. If it’s a little too chilly to rock your favorite maxi dress in the morning, then throw on women’s long sleeve blouses or jean jackets and ankle booties to get you through until those warm rays blaze at lunch. It’s also a great way to show off your keen style sense and unique personality all year round, letting everyone around you know that you aren’t the type to fall in line with what society thinks is in season or not.

Style Inspiration

The best way to ease into transitional dressing is to have a few go-to, key pieces on hand that work with every season.

1. The Blazer: Your basic jeans and T-shirt look can be quickly dressed up for a night out with the addition of a sleek and fitted blazer with some heels. Additionally, you can throw the blazer on over a black maxi for that office meeting you need to bring your ‘A’ game to. Aside from adding a layer of sophistication to any look, it also adds warmth – which comes in handy on those brisk nights.

2. Fancy Footwear: Don’t underestimate the power of cute shoes when it comes to transforming your look. A pair of knee-high suede boots can transform a summer dress into a fall runway-worthy outfit in a snap. On a similar note, ankle booties are a great way to ease back into wearing dresses again while you’re waiting for the latest winter cold front to move on out of the way and start enjoying spring. And, if you’re still not sure your bare legs can handle the wind chill, add a pair of sheer tights or fun knit stockings under your favorite skirt or shift dress to make things a little more bearable on those chilly mornings.

3. Stylish Outerwear: Complete your look regardless of the season when you strut your stuff with some seriously stylish outerwear. Womens fashion winter coats look great over a classic turtleneck and slacks or even with jeans and heels. If you already own a trench in the classic camel shade, then consider one in a deeper tone, like burgundy or grey, or one in a fun dusty pink color for those days you want to rock a chic look.

 Jackets are also a great way to gain a little warmth and add a little style to most outfits. From jean jackets to leather jackets to puffer jackets, a sassy jacket can add just the right amount of edge to any outfit.

Finally, tie your whole fashionable look together with a vibrant scarf. Not only can it add a pop of color and personality to any everyday attire, but a scarf also keeps you warm and cosy when the winds of change start blowing.

Style Guide by Season 

Once you have several key wardrobe pieces at the ready to help you transition fashionably, it’s time to put your ‘new’ wardrobe to work. 

    • Going from Winter to Spring: Ease out of those comfortable, subdued tones of winter and slowly start introducing more vibrant, spring-like colors into your closet. Consider adding a colorful neck scarf to your otherwise monochromatic attire. Try layering a turtleneck under a sleeveless leather dress cinched at the waist with a stylish belt. Take a mock-neck midi dress for a spin around the office just to see if your legs are willing (and ready) to face the light of day again. However you choose to transition out of winter, do it at your own pace and style, and you’ll no doubt have all the confidence you need to pull off your sexy new look.
    • Going from Summer to Fall: Transitioning out of summer can be tricky – after all, those sticky summer days seem like they’ll never leave – especially when you see the lasting effect that humidity has had on your hair. But, alas, all good (and frizz-inducing) things must come to an end and summer is no exception. When transitioning from summer style to fall fashion, layers are your friend. No need to retire that flowy and comfortable midi dress to the back of the closet just yet. Layer it under a sleek blazer or stylish leather jacket with sandals and shades to get you through the day. For those slightly brisker days spent outside, add a pair of sheer tights and a loose cable knit to keep you warm in that refreshing almost-fall breeze.

Your shoes can also be a great way to step out of summer and into fall. You could wear almost any dress in your summer wardrobe with a pair of ankle booties in place of sandals or wedges and have that same, drop-dead gorgeous effect you always do. Throw on a wide-brimmed hat for extra flair, and you’ll totally embrace the whole transitional look.

We know it’s no small feat to stay on-trend every season but, thankfully, the flexibility of transitional dressing makes it easier. Stay true to your chic and stylish self this year and invest in a few must-have pieces to get you through every season – whatever the weather.

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