“BLUE” is one of my favorite colors and makeup is my passion <3 I believe the combination of these two is unbeatable! I am sure that most of you surely like blue especially when it comes to eye makeup. Eye makeup with blue shade, be it an eye shadow (sheer or matte) or an eye liner, looks really stylish and adorable.

This color goes well with a day look, party look or evening look.Vibrant blue eye shades which have a good staying power are very much in fashion. Some woman look good in blue eye makeup which comprises of blue eye shadows, blue eye liners etc but some others don’t look that good in Blue makeup. So today, I have come up with few right ways to wear Blue eye shadow. 

Who look’s best in Blue Eye shadow?

Blue works best and look very alluring on woman with fair skin tone, having platinum or black hair color. Very dark
colored woman also look very beautiful with blue eye shadow.

Blue Eye Shadow and Blue Eyes?

This is one most the most debatable topic that whether a person with blue eye can carry a blue eye shadow well or
not?  There are many makeup artists who have different say on this topic. For instance makeup artist Bobby Brown says that we should not match the eye shadow color with eye color as only shadow will be visible. However other artists recommend matching and lining blue eyes with blue shadow to pop up the blue in eyes.


I believe it’s best to go to a nearby departmental store and try to get some very basic blue shades such as Sephora and find out by yourself that how good are you looking in that shade. But try to avoid perfect match of eye color with eye shadow.

Beautifully Blend the Eye Shadow:

Throw away any cheap freebie blending brush which you use to blend shadow. Use a professional brush to make sure that the bold blue eye shadow color doesn’t look cheap.





Best way to Apply Blue Eye Shadow:

Always use two shades, one should be dark and other should be light. If you want a modern and softer looks then keep in mind that not to put dark shade just above the crease line as it may make eyes recede. Try to use this dark blue close to the lashes with lighter and brighter shadow further away. 

How to Pick Right Eyeliner

You can use some pretty blue, indigo,black and navy shade. Blue eyeliner makes the blue eyes pop. 





About The Rest Of makeup:

Avoid heavy makeup on your face if you are wearing this blue eye makeup. Using strong color on cheeks and lips may
compete with your eye makeup and may ruin the whole look. Instead go for nude lips or very light lip gloss which complements your eye makeup. 
Also avoid wearing too much complementary clothes; this may end you up looking silly and annoying.

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