Hair envy is a real thing, as we often feel extremely envious of those with a long, luscious, thick head of hair. Many people with thinner hair choose to get hair extensions to create the look of more voluminous, thicker and longer hair. It’s undeniable that a full head of hair is sexy, and certain hairstyles such as braids and ponytails definitely look better when they’re fuller. Hair extensions, however, come with a lot of drawbacks. Most types of extensions are uncomfortable to deal with and difficult to maintain. Dreadlocks and tangled hair are common annoyances, and hair extensions are also very expensive. They may look good, but they feel uncomfortable and they’re not easy on the bank account.

Fortunately, you can get thicker and longer hair on your own, without hair extensions. Yes, there are ways to achieve this look without fake hair. What you eat can contribute to the thickness of your hair, and your stress level effects your hair as well. There are also certain products that can help with hair loss if you’re experiencing thinning hair, such as this organic shampoo for hair loss. And in case you are looking for some Best Salon Packages.!! Check for Naturals Salons. Below are some tips for getting thicker and longer hair without hair extensions:

1.Feed Your Hair The Right Nutrients

You can eat your way to luscious hair. A diet full of healthy fats is crucial if you want thick and healthy-looking hair. Make sure your diet includes plenty of good quality proteins and fats such as olive oil, avocado, nuts and Omega 3. Foods rich in calcium also promote hair growth, such as cheese, milk and yogurt.

2.Reduce Stress

If you’re feeling stressed, you need to do whatever it takes to reduce your stress level. Stress can lead to hair loss, and you’ll notice that when you’re very stressed, your hair starts to fall out and thin out. The reason why stress affects hair growth is because stress and anxiety can cause the hair follicles to shed more rapidly than normal. During stressful times, more of your hairs switch from the growing phase to the resting phase. Remember that when you’re stressed, your body produces more of the hormone cortisol, which can result in a dormant phase in the hair growth cycle.

If you’re feeling stressed, give yourself a relaxing scalp massage. The scalp massage will improve circulation which promotes hair growth, and you’ll also be relaxing yourself with the gentle massage. By reducing your stress, you’re keeping your hair from falling out, and that’s only one of the many benefits of reducing your stress level.

3.Be Gentle With Your Hair

If you want to keep a full head of hair, you must be gentle with your hair. Don’t wear your hair in tight ponytails or buns, as these hairstyles will pull at your hair and cause hair to fall out. You must also be gentle when brushing your hair. If you don’t detangle and brush your hair gently, you’ll rip a bunch of hair out every time you brush your hair. If you tend to play with your hair, be cognizant of the fact that compulsively twisting your hair can cause it to fall out. Similarly, overuse of curling irons and hair straighteners can cause your hair to fall out, so don’t use these products every day. Instead, only use your curling iron on very special occasions. Your hair dryer can be harsh on the hair too, so whenever you can, air dry your hair without using any hot tools.

4.Take Hair Vitamins

Hair vitamins are supplements that contain specific vitamins and minerals known to contribute to hair growth and hair thickness. Hair vitamins such as Sugar Bear Hair and Bosley’s Hair Vitality Supplements will work if you take them consistently. If you start taking a hair vitamin every day, you’ll begin to notice thicker and healthier-looking hair.

5.Try DIY Hair Treatments

DIY hair treatments often involve home remedies that help strengthen and thicken the hair. Research things like the egg treatment, the avocado treatment, and the castor oil treatment. There are plenty of DIY hair masks and hair treatments that will promote thicker and healthier hair, which is why you should treat your hair to one of these remedies at least once per week.


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