Yes, diamond jewelry is expensive and sparkly, but it’s not all that. There’s actually a lot of things that you need to get to know when buying your first diamond jewelry. As you all know, purchasing diamond jewelry can be one of the most important purchases in your life. In fact, diamond jewelry is considered as an investment because of how you can sell it for a higher price in the future.

With a variety of diamond jewelry to choose from, finding one that’s perfect for you can be challenging. Having an on-site jeweler can help, as she can help answer all your questions regarding any diamond jewelry that you’re eyeing. It may look easy to purchase one, but there are essential steps on how to buy diamond jewelry to make your purchase worth it. The tips below on how to buy your first diamond jewelry will surely help you on how to find that perfect diamond that you need.


Tips On How To Find The Best Diamond Jewelry

Weight range of carat

Knowing the carat weight is important because it has an effect on the price of the diamond jewelry. It’s also essential for you to know the size of the diamond that you’re going to purchase. You need to figure out the carat weight that you want and if it suits your budget. If not, then adjusting the weight would be best.

The shape of the diamond

Another important factor when choosing diamond jewelry to purchase is the shape of the diamond. Round and princess shaped diamonds are the most common so far. You can select one of those shapes mentioned, or you can ask the recipient if you’re planning to give it to someone else. The shape of the diamond can also affect the price, so you need to pay attention to that as well.

Quality of the cut

Of course, the quality of the cut will affect the diamond’s price. This part can be tricky because there’s no specific standard of cut grades across all the stores in the world. There are some jewelry stores that offer a cut grade on the round diamonds, wherein they’re based on the cut grade’s certificate. This is with the exception of the AGS since they don’t offer any cut grades on all fancy shapes.

There are some jewelry stores that ignore the cut grade’s certificate altogether on both fancy and round shapes. They instead use their matrix of cut grades, which is based on the measurements of the diamonds. If possible, it would be best to use the cut grade’s certificate to avoid difficulties in choosing the quality.

Choosing the color grade

The color of the diamond has an effect on both the price and appearance of the diamond itself. You should know that different diamond shapes reflect color at their different strengths. This is why your choice of color while balancing the price and the appearance of the diamond is important. The color will significantly affect the shape of the diamond that you’re going to choose.


Choosing the clarity grade

The clarity grade of the diamond is somewhat essential to some. If you only want a diamond that looks clean to the naked eye, then the clarity grade won’t matter that much. You can even purchase the lowest possible clarity grade, for as long as it looks clean. The money that you’d be able to save can be used to purchase a higher color diamond or a larger one.

Choosing the clarity grade online

Now, if you’re going to purchase online and you’re checking the clarity grade, you can choose an excellent online jewelry store. There are some online stores that are willing to email you actual photos of the diamonds that you’re going to purchase.

Typically, a majority of buyers prefer purchasing online because they can select a large selection of personalized necklaces, rings, and more without having to transfer from one jewelry store to another.

Choosing the right certificate

Lastly, you need to consider purchasing diamonds that are AGS certified diamonds and GIA certified diamonds only. Avoid certified diamonds under HRD, EGL, and IGI because of the inconsistency that they have when it comes to grading.


With the tips above on how to buy diamond jewelry, you’ll surely have the best diamond that you can buy that’s within your budget. If you think that your budget is somewhat low, increasing it would be best because diamonds are considered high-end jewelry that comes with a hefty price.

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