Antique engagement rings have soared in popularity, and for good reasons, too. If you want to impress your partner, an antique engagement ring may just be the right choice. Here are a few reasons to consider.


  1. Antique Rings are Luxurious

There is an array of reasons why these rings are luxurious, with one of the main ones being the quality of workmanship. Back in the day, jewellers created each piece by hand, dedicating a great deal of effort and time to each and every ring.

What’s more, antique rings usually feature cuts that we just don’t see these days. Just take a look at an antique ring and you will see the difference in detail, materials, and cuts and you will see just how luxurious the item is.

Aside from that, the rings usually sport unexpected details that jewellers miss out on these days, adding to the look and feel. In fact, every part of the high-quality antique engagement rings in Sydney have been very carefully and lovingly constructed and designed, and they’re made to withstand the test of time.

Overall, many people often view past decades as more luxurious.

  1. Antique Rings Are Completely Unique

When you wear an antique engagement ring, it is highly unlikely that you will see the same ring on anyone else or in any store window. The antique rings have lasted through decades and have been deemed valuable enough to pass down through generations, making their way to you. That is something to be cherished. For a modern ring to be deemed unique, you will probably have to have it custom made, and you could just miss out on a piece’s luxurious history.

  1. Celebrities Wear Antique

Antique engagement rings have become a Hollywood trend. If you follow celebrities, you might already realise how popular antique jewellery is.

  1. Antique Rings are Eco-Friendly

Antique rings are excellent if you care about the planet. That’s because the rings have already been made and there is no reason for another diamond to be mined for your ring. If you’re keen on eco-friendly practices, an antique ring is surely the way to go. What’s more, gem stones are an excellent investment, which means you will own a valuable piece of jewellery to match your desires, values, and lifestyle.

  1. There’s a Rich History

Modern engagement rings probably don’t have an interesting background – in most cases you online or into a store and pick out a ring. But, antique rings come with plenty of history, and usually a great back story. If you’re able to find out who owned the ring, there is a special history that could be shared. Even if you can’t find out the story, you can just know that the antique ring has been part of our world long enough that if it could talk, it could share some memories.

If you’re looking for something luxurious, unique, and made to stand the test of time, then consider an antique engagement ring.

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