Hello lovelies! Today I am here to share some important tips with you to make your hair more strong and healthy. There are certain small things which we neglect and these small things can cause a major problem. Believe me girls taking care of these small things can make a huge difference.

Handle wet hair with extra care: Wet hairs are more prone to damage. So you need to take extra care with wet hair. Avoid combing your hair when they are wet, let them dry first and then comb. Even if you have to comb your hair when they are wet, don’t be harsh with them, if you comb wet hair rigorously it will tangle them even more which will cause hair breakage or damage. So be gentle and careful while combing wet hair.
Keep changing shampoos: It is important to keep switching brands when it comes to your shampoo as it will prevent resistance and excess chemical damage. So try to change your shampoo after 2-3 months. One more important thing is that regular use of anti-dandruff shampoo can cause root damage and early graying of hair. So it is very important to keep switching shampoos after regular intervals.

Avoid using gels: Using hair styling and hair straightening gels regularly can make your hair brittle and dry. So keeping these gels for special occasions is a better idea.
Color your hair wisely: Do not keep the artificial color on hair throughout the year. Once the artificial color fades away, keep your natural hair color for 2-3 months before you go for artificial coloring again. Another important thing is to avoid multiple treatments like hair coloring and hair straightening at the same time.
Minimise hair straightening: Use hair straightening iron only 2-3 times in a month. Moreover don’t keep hair rollers overnight, 3-4 hours is more than enough time to get the job done. Instead you can opt for Natural Hair straightening at home

Head oil massage is not always good: Head oil massage is always considered good irrespective of any hair problem. But that is not the case always. If you are suffering from excessive hair fall then oil head massage can cause severe hair fall and root damage which means the problem will get aggravated instead of getting solved. In such cases you better go for treatment and expert help.

So girls take care and stay gorgeous.
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