Hi beauties !! Today I am going to share some fashion tips with you. As you all know that most of the times the first impression is the last impression. So the first impression should be the best and you impress people with what you are wearing. In other words, your fashion sense and clothes speak a lot about you. What’s in your mind is on your body. So, let us start with important and basic fashion tips:

  • Be well-groomed all the time. As you know that your personality determines your impression so you can’t risk looking untidy and shabby at the workplace.
  • Especially for office, opt for smart formals/semi-formals like shirts with pants, formal skirts with shirts and formal shoes or womens flat sandals.
  •       It is really important that what hairstyle you are wearing. It is always good to style your hair in smart yet simple hairdos. If you have plain long hair, you can try out an elegant bun or simply tie them up with a rubber band.
  •       Try to avoid wearing flashy tight tops and mini skirts if you can’t carry them. Wear only those clothes in which you feel comfortable. Try toning down the use of heavy makeup, hair spray and perfume.


  • Try to keep jewellery minimal. Keep it sleek and trendy. A chain or a stylish pendant looks best for the neck and it can be worn anywhere and with every outfit. You can wear medium-sized danglers in silver or faux metals.

  • Try to avoid strappy shoes. Choose between closed-toe shoes, pumps and mid-heel sandals. You can shop for some amazing womens shoes online from our favourite online destination shoessee.
  •       You can wear a silk scarf if it gels with your dress. Find here some tips to style the scarf.
  •       Avoid large handbags. Carry a nice briefcase or a portfolio.
  •       Colors play a very big role in professional image and impression. Red symbolizes aggression, navy means trustworthy, black is chic and grey color is conservative. Most of these colors work well in skirts, shoes and pantsuits. Hot pinks and wild prints are very loud colors, but if worn with creativeness and style, they can look fine too. 
  •       For creating a polished image work on your nails and hand, take good care of them such as a manicure. Neat hair is equally important.
Do you have any other fashion tips? I would love to hear them.


Some Basic Fashion Tips

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