A recent study has revealed that Delhis air is the most polluted air. Coming out of the house is inviting many health and skin problems. With the sun at its best, travelling down to a beauty parlor is certainly not your pick. You wish that if someone would have given you these treatments at home so that you could look after your skin and hair without going out.


To help you with their best services, Housejoy has come up with beauty services at home in Delhi. Its your one stop place to take care of hair and skin. It could be your weekly need or monthly, all are rightly met at the time and date you select. On the appointed date an expert beautician will visit your place and provide you with latest beauty technique that is just right for your skin type.

With a massage service at home in Delhi, you enjoy massage with essential oil. The strokes will help you relax and shed the tiredness of heat. Apart from providing nutrient to your skin, it will help you keep skin problems like wrinkles and dark spots at bay. This is something everyone looks forward to. You can avail the wonderful services irrespective of time and month. Trained beautician is at your service to provide you with best strokes and therapies.

You may not know about the upcoming trend, but this beautician knows very well about the latest technique. For complete knowledge, give it a try this summer. With excessive sweating your hair start looking dirty and coarse. You may not be able to style them as desired. Hair spa at home will help you treat your hair. The nourishing oils that are used to penetrate deep into the scalp and foster the growth.

These days people are opting for a hair spa as excessive sweating give rise to ample skin problems and regular hair spa helps them keep these problems at bay. With proper massage and regular hair treatment your hair will start to shine with the glow of health. With different techniques adopted in the spa treatment will foster hair growth. It will also give way for new hair growth, thus saving your hair from thinning.

After hair, its the skin that is badly affected by the pollution and rising temperature. Excessive sweating makes way for skin problems like acne and pimples. Sweating invites pollutants to stick to the skin and popping up acnes. To avoid this you need regular facial treatment to avoid that horrifying look of the breakout of pimples. Facial at home in Delhi will help clean the dirt hidden deep inside the skin. Nourishing packs will help in tightening the skin and you enjoy toned and radiant skin and that too sitting at home.

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