We spend tons of money, time and efforts on our hair and still are deprived of the desired results. Today we will tell you about some of the best products which will help texturize your hair and make them healthier and straighter. These can all be prepared at home without much problems which means you don’t have to go out to supermarkets scan all hair products to filter and select what you want. You, at the comfort of your home can prepare the best product yourself. Nurture your hair, pamper yourself without any discomfort and believe me having used them myself I have felt the difference, my hair have felt smoother, straighter and softer. So let us start with the main course.

Natural Hair Straightening Products: Home Made Recipes


Natural Conditioning By Tea Liquor:

Well the most important part of straightening your hair is making them softer and conditioned. You can easily use tea liquor for this purpose. Using tea liquor you can condition your hair anytime you want to, that too by using the things available in your kitchen. A great product and it has given me great results.


Natural Hair Straightening Products: Home Made Recipes


Coconut Milk And Lemon Juice:

This one is one of the best natural ways available to you for straightening. What you need to do is extract the coconut milk from coconut and mix it with lemon juice. After you mix it with lemon keep the mixture in the refrigerator for some time and when you take it out you will notice a creamy layer which is formed of the mixture. After taking it out, just apply it to your hair like a hair mask and tie your hair with a hot towel. Now keep the thing on your head for an hour or so and then get it washed. After the wash you can feel the difference in your hair. Your hair are softer, smoother and even if they were stubbornly curled earlier they are manageable now. This is my favorite and my personal advice will be that you try this one for sure.


Natural Hair Straightening Products: Home Made Recipes


Hot Oil Massage:

While the earlier one was my favorite this is the one I use most often. This one is the easiest to prepare and one of the best. You just need to warm the oil and massage it on your scalp and hair. For better results you can mix coconut oil with almond oil make it lukewarm, apply it to your hair and scalp. Keep it for around 1-2 hours. Yeah don’t forget to wrap a hot towel on your head and if you put the towel, then bring down the time of oil keeping to 45 minutes.

Natural Hair Straightening Products: Home Made Recipes


Milk And Honey:

Milk is said to have properties which are great for the hair and add to it some honey and see your hair sparkly and straight. If you want you can also add mashed strawberries to the mixture, if you do that it will become a paste. You can keep the paste till it dries which will take around 1-1.5 hours and then wash it off.


Natural Hair Straightening Products: Home Made Recipes


Egg And Olive Oil:

As we all know eggs are great conditioners for hair and even olive oil is one of the best products for your hair. When you mix the two you get an amazing combination. Mix the two in right proportions and apply it to your hair only to wash it off after 45mins to one hour.


Natural Hair Straightening Products: Home Made Recipes


These are the best treatments you will get at home. Now I am many a times asked that why do people go for parlour’ed straightening techniques? Well the answer is that with these ones i.e. natural ones you need to be patient and the results start showing gradually. So if you can be patient and a long term runner and want your hair to be healthier, you know what to choose…!

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Natural Hair Straightening Products: Home Made Recipes

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