Most of us would have held a beer bottle or beer can in our hands and sipped it up, but how many of us have thought about making use of the beer in some different ways? Do you know beer can be used for a variety of uses apart from the usual use of, getting a little trippy? Today we will share with you some of the most amazing uses of beer we bet you wouldn’t have thought about.



1) Beer bathing:

Those beer bubbles have the ability to cleanse your skin and exfoliate. You just need to pour in some liters of beer into the bath tub and then let the beer clean you up like you have never imagined.

2) Beer shampooing:

Not just bathing but beer is a great substitute of a shampoo. In fact you need not opt for any expensive hair care product if you want some shinny hair and bounce. You just have to fetch for yourself a beer bottle and pour it onto your hair and wash after a while. It will give you great shinny hair and at no cost.

3) Make bread:

Well yeah you can use this amazing drink even to make some bread. Get at your disposal some beer, self-rising flour, all-purpose flour and baking powder. With a simple procedure you can make your own bread.

4) Use it as a flavoring agent:

If you want to add a little flavor and liquid to Chili, you can very well use beer as an agent. Also remember to use darker beers as they have better flavor.

5) Easing stomach ache:

The carbon fizz of the beer can help you get relief from stomach ache. Though it eases you of the misery but if children or elderly suffer the same, you better not give it to them.

6) Healing agent:

Do you have a kidney stone? Well beer might help you a little here. As beer is diuretic, therefore it can be used to pass a kidney stone. This surely doesn’t mean it is a substitute for other treatments, and neither should it be used as such (for obvious reasons).

7) Relieves your feet of stress:

Well tired after a long day at work? Try soaking your feet in cold beer, it will ease your feet from the aches.

8) Helps sleep:

Well try washing your pillow or bed sheets in beer. Its dizzy smell will make you fall asleep sooner than you imagined. This is particularly good for insomniac and beer loving persons, as if you don’t like the smell you might end up being up all night and blaming us. So take this one with conditions.

9) Cleaning stubborn stains:

If your shirt, carpet, pillow cover or bed sheet are stained with some really stubborn stains and its proving rather impossible to remove it with water, try beer. Rest assured those stubborn stains that you see, will not only wash easily but in all probability disappear in a matter of few minutes.

10) Polish pots:

Beer is slightly acidic in nature which makes it dear to the pots especially made of brass. The slight acidity of beer helps remove unwanted elements on metals and in right quantity. It boosts the shine without causing harm to the metal.

11) Trapping fruit flies:

Have you noticed? When beer is on the floor, flies take no time to stick to it proving they truly love it. You can use this property to tap those stubborn flies and live a more peaceful life.


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