Most of us have faced this problem every now and then not knowing what to do with the problem. The little skin keeps popping out of the finger tips and when one tries to pull it out the unconventional way, we often see little drops of blood pouring out. And to our horror the skin again spells horror just in a matter of few days. The purpose of the article is not to scare but to spare you from the inconvenience caused due to this very problem and guess what? The remedies are easy and can be done with, at home itself. So now you can get smooth and soft fingers sitting at home with minimal effort.


Coconut oil:


Since time immemorial this has been the one stop solution for all problems. We seem to forget what we have, in search for other things. In modern times all got problematic with the stickiness it brings with itself. So it went out of the remedy list. But now is the time to bring it back and use it for stopping peeling finger tips. Just apply it on finger tips and wear some cotton gloves, preferable 3 times a day and also overnight. This will work like magic and will give you beautifully smooth finger tips, and everything will be back to normal.

Aloe Vera:


This just like some magic wand works wonders for us. It just eliminates itching, burning and irritation caused by peeling fingers. Method to apply is simple, just peel the Aloe Vera plant, extract the gel out of it and apply it at the affected place. Let it dry and witness all problems vanish.

Banana mix:


Well what do you do with over ripen bananas? Throw them! Right? Instead, now use them as the cure by mixing them with some honey and milk. Apply the banana mix on the finger which is dry. What this does, is absorb the nutrients in the mix and gives you the desired results.

Petroleum jelly:


Today when we need some moisturization we apply this jelly so why not use it at the place you want it the most? The peeling finger tips! Although just like coconut oil this also is a little sticky but this for sure gives you what you need, i.e. an end to those peeling fingers.

Water- the life saver:


Well water is the essence of life and when you talk about staying healthy, this becomes all the more true. It is a proven fact that adequate amounts of water throughout the day can save you from those peeling fingers. So drink as much water as you can and see not just this but many of your problems fade away.

Good diet:


There is a saying in every sport, do the basics right and you shall succeed. This is just that. If you give your body what it needs it shall give you back what you desire. So adequate amounts of proteins, carbs, minerals, vitamins, and iron go in, out comes the result of soft, smooth and peeling free finger tips. So include a lot of eggs, fishes, vegetables and fruits in your diet and you shall see your skin appear better than before.

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