Who doesn’t want great, tight, sexy, toned arms..? but not many people are ready to work hard for it…! Here I am going to tell you 5 easy to do effective exercises which will make your arms look… oh la la.. hottt…….! To start with I will name and number the exercises along with sets and repetitions and the will discuss the ways to do them later.girl-toned-arms-exercises-beautiful

  1. Close grip triceps push ups : 8*3 ( for starters the gradually increase )
  2. Double hand dumbbell triceps curls : 12*3 ( “ “)
  3. Bench pushups ( triceps )                 : 8*3   ( “ “ )
  4. Single hand alternate dumbbells : 12*4 ( “ “)
  5. Barbell curls : 12*4 ( “ “ )

All these with suitable weights.


This is a very easy and effective exercise. It’s just like the normal push up’s with a slight difference in the grip. Here the grip is a little closer just inside the shoulders. Further the holding grip is just near the chest. You might find it difficult at first but will gradually find it quite easy. Further I kept it first in the list as it opens up your body as all parts of your body work together.arm-exercise-1


This is a triceps exercise. As our arm is made more than 2\3 of the triceps it’s a very important part. And this exercise’s focus is on the same. For the first use a light weight dumbbell say 4-5 kg’s for girls. Here hold it with both hands with your side biceps covering our ears n keeping the upper part of the arms static, go down and up gradually as shown in the image.arm-exercise-2


This is my favorite exercise, once you get accustomed to the right technique it gives you great pump. Well no pain no gain is true for this one. It will take time for you to get this exercise technically correct and for that you need to simply stick to the basics. Here this exercise demands your legs to be a little folded. Ummm it can only get clear from a picture so here it is.TricepDip_womenshealth-arm-exercise-1

Just repeat this as advised above and feel that blood rush into your muscles..!


Now after triceps we shift to biceps. This is a must do exercise for biceps. It focusses on the peak of that arm. Well as chicks don’t want huge arms and only some tightness, not much great efforts are required. No lifting heavy weights, light weights are enough for those sexy arms.arm-exercise-3

Just alternate keeping your elbow fixed at one place and feel it in the biceps. Well if you want to win some arm wrestling matches from your friends push yourself in this one…!


This is an easy, effective, and result oriented exercise. You might feel the pump on the first day itself, but don’t get excited and do more than suggested. Again for girls light weight is the best. You can attain tight and well tones arms with this one. Again the technique is easy. Just keep your elbows fixed at one place and lift like the girl in the image. Further you can use a zig-zak rod or a flat one. Flat one is suggested. Zig-zak rod is meant for the peak which not many girls would want and like…!

So fellows, this will be it for this Beauty and fashion blog post. I will be back with some more easy to do effective routines. And if you desire some specific body part related routines. Do reply to me here. I will surely help you come over that unwanted fat and help you tone your body the way you like…!Barbell-Curl-Muscle-&-Performance-arm-exercise-1

Till then keep exercising, don’t exert too much , follow the suggested, feel the pain, feel the pump. Chaooooosss….! STAY FIT…!

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