The human body usually adapts to any external stimulus it is subjected to. For instance, if you are performing the same exercise routine on a daily basis, your body gets used to the workouts, and then, you no longer experience the same results you were getting when you started training. Regardless of the intensity you put into the training, you find out that you do not burn off as much fat or get better fitness results in spite of the efforts you put in.  Change your training routine weekly or monthly to get the most out of your efforts. Additionally, you can take testosterone compounds which give you the ability to develop lean tissue while boosting your strength. All you have to do is to find where to buy testosterone, and you will experience positive benefits that will boost your hard efforts in the gym. The following new exercises will help you burn fat fast.



1.      Breakdance push-up

Just like the normal push-ups, this exercise will greatly increase strength in the upper body and also improve your core. Perhaps the better part of this exercise is that you do not have to be a professional breakdancer to perform this exercise. Your agility and flexibility are also improved by doing this exercise. Begin in a bridge position with your bellybutton pointing towards the ceiling and your weight supported by both your arms and legs. Thereafter, flip to one side ensuring one of your legs is off the ground and then do a pushup. Go back to your original position and perform a breakdance push-up now with the other leg raised. It is recommended to do 5 pushups for each of the sides.


2.      The man-maker

Although the exercise bears a masculine title it can be performed by both men and women. The exercise requires a pair of dumbbells for it to be done. To perform this exercise, set yourself in a push-up position with a dumbbell in each of your hands. Then perform a pushup. Row with one dumbbell and then the other. Stand up quickly putting both the dumbbells on your shoulders and then do a front squat followed quickly with an overhead press. Return the dumbbells back to the original position and repeat the process. It is recommended to do 5 reps. surprisingly, if done quickly it takes just five minutes.


3.      Hip hinge

The exercise is done by crossing both your hands over your chest and then hinge forward at your hips, maintaining your back in a straight position, ensuring you’re looking forward. Once you feel that your hamstring is tightened and that you cannot hinge anymore without having your back bent, squeeze your butt cheeks so that you’re pulled back to your original position. Repeat the process to maximize the fat-burning process.


4.      Bear crawl

This exercise improves your breathing mechanics and also the positioning of your ribs and pelvis. At the same time, your shoulder stability is boosted while adding strength to your hands, arms and core. The exercise works perfectly when mixed with walking lunges. This exercise burns fat on your upper body and thighs. Perform a bear crawl for a minute and a walking lunge for another up to ten rounds.  


5.      Dumbbell farmer’s walk

Walking helps with keeping a healthy body weight for as long as you are alive, as it is something that is done day in day out. It burns calories steadily and requires little coaching. Hold a set of dumbbells and you will add more weight to the walk and increase the intensity. This will help you not only burn fats but also develop muscles.

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5 New Fat Burning Exercises You Must Try

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