Every woman wishes that all eyes are on her when she steps out dressed. This is achievable when you invest in the right kind of clothes that suit your body type. Crop tops for women are highly in demand these days because they are versatile and can be styled in several ways. 

Today, there is no dearth for various  types of tops for women and if you are keen on exploring the ones that highlight your figure, crop tops are what you should be looking for. But if you truly want to put your best foot forward, you need to choose crop tops that flatter your body type. So, let’s look at which crop tops for women look suitable for your body type.

1. Hourglass figure: In this body type, a woman’s bust and hips are highlighted while the waist remains narrow. Crop tops which enhance your curves are the right kind. You can go for the ones with a plunging neck if you dare to go bold or the ones with a stand collar which covers your chest but is flattering from the chest down.

2. Pear shape: In this body type, it’s best to focus on your shoulders and waist. An off-shoulder crop top or a tube top will help you draw attention to the right areas. It is ideal if you choose crop tops which are loose, so you can pair them with tight-fitted bottoms such as jeans and shorts to keep the entire look balanced.


3. Rectangle shape: In this body type, the shoulders, waist and hips are all in sync. So, peplum crop tops are an ideal choice for this body type because they are fitted on the top and start to flare out from the midriff. You can pair them with well-fitted bottoms for a perfect look.


4. Apple shape: In this rounded type of body, you will need to curate a look that will balance the proportions of your body well. You can opt for wide necklines such as a boat neck crop top or even spaghetti straps. Box-type crop shirts and crop tops are also ideal choices that can be paired with fitted jeans.


5. Inverted triangle shape: In this body type, one’s figure is wide from the top and narrow from the waist down. It is wise to stick to more closed necklines and flowy waists to balance your look. You can pair these with skirts, shorts, jeans and even flowy bottoms such as palazzos for a unique look.


With so many types of crop tops for women, you are lucky to choose the ones which flatter your body type. Whether you’re going out on a date, a movie, college or even a meeting, you can choose to wear a crop top that suits your body type. Stock up a couple of them in different prints, colours and designs so you can step out with a new look every single time. With these crop tops for women, you can flaunt it if you’ve got it.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Crop Top for Your Body Type

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