It all comes down to our human growth hormones, yes they are the ones responsible for increasing height which are secreted by the pituitary gland. Generally the phenomenon of increasing height is seen in girls up till the age of 18 and in boys up till the age of 22-24. It is generally seen that after these respective ages in both boys and girls, their heights come to a halt. But today we are here to look at the slightest possibility that is increasing the height even after this age of height stagnation. There are some ways by which we can help increase our human growth hormone and increase out height. One of the biggest problems is that our bones stop growing after these ages.

But now the questions that comes to mind is HOW TO INCREASE YOUR HEIGHT AFTER 24?

Well it is very difficult to increase height as we have already discussed the bones stop growing. But despite that many surgeries and growth hormones are present which can increase the height. But using these might not prove fruitful for our health. Instead if we follow some of the steps/tricks then we can help ourselves increase a few more inches.


Well proper diet and adequate amount of all the important nutrients is a must for increasing your height at any stage of your life and more specifically so if you are wanting to increase your height after the stagnation period. You need to include in your diet adequate vitamins, minerals, proteins, iron, calcium and all others. A rich diet in phosphorus, iodine and magnesium is very important for proper growth. Some food items are such that, you surely should include them in your diet, eggs, spinach, carrot, green veggies, peas, fruits, milk and its products. They will help you gain the required fire power to increase your height.




This is one of the most important aspects of gaining height after the stagnation period. You really need to work out and stretch it out in the gym or at home. You can include swimming, cycling, playing some game say basketball to your exercising routine. This will really help you increase your height. Over above that it will make you look leaner and even if unfortunately height does not increase by much, you being leaner will result in you looking taller anyhow.


Adequate amount of sunlight is extremely essential for bone growth. Sun’s your best friend then. It’s the best source of vitamin D. So ensure you have adequate amount of exposure to the sun which will help to attain the right amount of vitamin D necessary for your growth.



For good growing, proper sleep is necessary. You must ensure you get a good 8 hours sleep at one stretch necessarily. It is only during sound sleep hours that the growth hormone is actually at work. Your bones lengthen during this period thus a good posture is also an essential. Use a good firm mattress and wear real loose clothes. As loose clothes lets your body breath and gives it the required space for your bones to easily grow without any external resistance.




Yoga is a great Indian recipe of growing the right way. It makes you stretch in right ways, gives a good posture to your body and stimulates the secretion of the growth hormones. You can try various asanas like, tadasana, surya namaskaram, along with proper exercising and stretching to get best results.

All these tips/ suggestions are to be followed together to be able to make your growth hormone secretion possible and help you increase some height. Follow them and I hope it works for you as it has for many. I hope you get the desired results. Goodbye stay fit, stay stylish..!

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