Hey girl! Do you ever realise how important it is to take a proper warm bath to pamper your body! It not only cleanses your skin, it also relieves stress. So today I am going to share some simple tips with you. These are some small things that can make a major differenceJ.

Use a cream based body wash: It is important to choose a cream based body wash as it cleanses and nourishes the skin without robbing off the skin moisture.
Use bath oils: Bath oils work as soothing agents, so you can add chamomile, rosemary bath oils or lavender extracts to the bath water. These are very much therapeutic in nature. They not only moisturise or cleanse the skin but also relieve stress.
Add a cup of milk: It is a very well known fact that milk nourishes the skin and makes it healthy and radiant. So make sure you add a cup of milk in the bath water.
Rinse your skin properly: It is very important to rinse your body with plain water properly so that no traces of body wash are left. Do not forget to apply a good moisturiser on your body as soon as you get out.
I hope these small little things will prove out be helpful for you allJ.
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Simple But Important Tips To Pamper Yourself With A Warm Bath

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