What if a ginee comes out and asks you to wish which body part do you want to be perfectly toned? What will be your answer?? Well I will tell you if you are a girl your answer is set to be legs. They are one of the most important parts while working out especially if you a girl. Rather if you are a gym going chick the second you meet some other person who goes to gym too, you ask them “what do you do in squats?” there are many exercises for legs as it is such a big part of the body. There are different parts from calves to thighs. Each part has a different exercise. Today we are taking legs on the whole and will look at the best possible set of exercises which you can do in the minimum possible time.


This is one of the best, most useful, widely followed exercise of legs. You can do this exercise anywhere be it the gym, the garden or at the comfort of your room. A beautiful exercise works on every part of your leg. Gives immense pump to your thighs, amazingly effective.sit-ups-squat

The posture of your body needs to be up right. While going down your back should be in a straight position. You can start this exercise by taking support of any object while doing the exercise, and the gradually shift to doing it without any support.

  • Start with 50-75 reps on first day divided into 4-5 sets. And then gradually increase to 100 by the end of first week.


Well well well, this is the biggest piece of the meat. This exercise will take a toll on you on the first day but believe you me this will turn out to be your favorite exercise in the long run. Amazingly effective, works great for your back of thighs. While doing this exercise you will be able to feel the blood rush into your muscles. It is even great for toning up your butt.lunges-toned-legs

Start with doing 50 reps on the first day. I am suggesting limited exercise to start with as the first day after legs day is painful. So I want you to be able to walk right..! You can gradually increase it to 10 by the end of the week, and then keep on increasing as you gain muscle, strength and stamina…! You can even add weights to the exercise gradually take a 5kg dumbbell in your hand when you feel you are ready to push your limits.


Another peach of an exercise. Works on the upper part of the thighs and some part of the calf. This is an exercise for which you need to go to the gym as its a machine exercise. A must have in your workout. You can rely on this exercise alone to give you better legs.girl-leg-press-legs-toned

Start with very light weight, even an empty machine if it feels good (even the machine has its own weight) take 3 sets on first day and then increase up to 4 sets after the end of the week.


When I see people doing this one, I hardly feel there is anything to be done. You just have to stand holding weights go on your toes and come back to normal position. It looks like there is nothing to it but this is very effective. It is the perfect toner for your calves. As they are the things which always show if you wear a dress of shorts or even a 3/4th. You just have to have good calves for the perfectly toned legs. You can also do this exercise on the legs press machine lying down and repeating the same motion as standing up.calf-raises-TONED-legs

Start doing this with light weight, do 100-120 reps on the first day and gradually increase.

Well girls these are the basic and one of the most easiest and effective exercises. Follow them and the results will follow you. But remember however much it pains you the next day get up an exercise as if you don’t it will be worst the following day.

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