Holidays are very important for everyone, with this hectic city schedule one need to have some days off in a serene place away from all the noise and chaos. But what we tend to worry is the problem it will cause us when we will not be able to follow our daily routines i.e. gyming. If you are a gym buff then the first thing that comes to your mind is that when you are out you are skipping the gym. In holidays we tend to eat what we feel like and do not work out which means we lose muscles on one hand and gain fat on the other. Today we will discuss how you can keep yourself fit throughout your holidays and not gain those extra kilos and retain your muscles.

Let us firstly talk about Diet:

Well it will be wrong to say or suggest you to eat “all healthy food on holidays” I know that is just now possible. What you can do is avoid certain things and at least be better off. Firstly try to avoid fried and deep fried stuff. That is just killer for your muscles so avoid that. Secondly try and avoid beer as it makes you gain fat instantly. Stick to normal food and avoid things which are fatening. If you just do this half the problem is solved.


Workout Plan:

If you are a gym buff and you are going on a holiday I know it will be difficult to cope up with free hand exercises but still they can do wonders for maintaining your physic. If you check into a hotel which has a gym then it is a dream come true kind of situation, but if this doesn’t happen then remember these 5 exercises they will be good enough to maintain your muscles in proper shape for the vacations.

Pull ups: You don’t always need a pull up rod for this one. You can find a place anywhere you go on which you can cling on and do these. So do them to start with and complete 4 sets on the go….!


Push Ups:  These are one of the most effective and necessary exercises for the vacation. You just need a floor for it and I am sure you will have floor wherever you go until you are planning to the moon. You have many kinds of pushups working of different kinds of body parts from shoulders (diamond pushups) to triceps (close grip) to normal push-ups which work on the whole body. Do as many and as many types of them, preferably all three types.

Standard Push Ups

Free Hand Squats:  No exercise is complete till you train your legs. Free hand squats are just the exercises you need to do to keep yourself in shape. This is one of the best exercises for squats and you must do it while travelling. Due to lack of equipment you must do mix exercises all day covering each part.


Crunches, Leg Raises and Cycling Crunches: All these exercises are to be done one by one. I grouped them in one so as to club the whole stomach piece in one. You can even keep this one for a separate day and all other for the other day i.e. alternate between stomach and all others.

Do as many crunches as you can and the same with leg raises and cycling crunches, obviously depending on the time you can devote to exercises on holidays.

Bench press:  This is another good free hand exercise for the triceps. You can use the bed, a chair, a table anything for this exercise.


So this will complete your muscle training on the vacation so when you come back to your place hit the gym hard and recover all that you have lost all this while.

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How To Keep Body Fit While On Holidays- Workout Plan

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