With so many customer relationship management (CRM) systems to choose from, finding the right one isn’t always easy. However, if anyone dives into the statistics on WordPress, he’ll find that more and more businesses are shifting to that platform. In fact, by 2019 WordPress powered 35% of all websites globally, and by 2020, the percentage increased to 39% and WordPress accounted for 63.7% of the global content management systems market. It’s evident that while there are many options available to use, WordPress is by far the most popular of the lot.

But why? As the top marketing and SEO agency in Toronto, Gilmedia wants to share the important features of WordPress for business owners to consider. 

Multilingual & Accessibility Standards

With globalization, being able to accommodate everyone’s needs is imperative. WordPress offers 169 different languages and continues to grow and expand to reach more people around the globe. Furthermore, WordPress has easy to use plug-ins if someone is looking to create a multilingual website. Another perk to using WordPress is that it follows accessibility standards, making the software accessible to quite literally anyone. 

Affordable Platform

The WordPress software is actually free to use. In addition, the platform offers a plethora of free themes and plugins for building a website. A user can create and maintain a website easily without seeking help from a professional IT company. 

The only thing someone really needs to spend money on is the very reasonably priced WordPress hosting as well as the domain name – which is an annual cost anyway. When someone compares that price to other popular platforms like SquareSpace, which only starts at $96 per year – WordPress is the better choice. 

Facilitate Search Engine Optimization 

WordPress is the best means for attracting organic traffic. By incorporating easy to use plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, among others – it makes search engine optimization (SEO) a breeze. The user only needs to configure basic settings and the plugins handle the rest (they even provide optimal recommendations!). Keep in mind that WordPress dominates Google’s (the largest search engine) search engine result’s page (SERP) with approximately 2.28 billion results. So WordPress truly is the way to go about improving your SEO efforts. The best part is that it is compatible with any business type. No matter if you run an orthodontic laboratory or auto body shop, you can find appropriate themes from WordPress. 

Quick & Responsive

An advantage to using WordPress is that the pages load quickly and the platform is entirely responsive. This is crucial in a day and age where users want results at the snap of their fingers. No one is patient enough to wait more than a few brief seconds for a page to load. Luckily WordPress has the ability to load quickly as long as you put in the proper speed optimizations (including a fast WordPress theme). Achieving a load time of under one second is very possible in this instance. This is crucial for businesses like flooring stores or ceiling tiles providers which rely on photos to display products. 

Another important thing to note is that most people use their phones to perform searches, or browse websites. If the website isn’t properly responsive, it will deter any potential customers from choosing the business over another. WordPress themes support responsive design, so it ensures that it always looks good on any device. You should also consider linking your website to your GMB account for better local SEO results. For example, when someone searches for local appliance repair technicians, they probably would not click on a website. Instead, they will just check the reviews from your GMB profile. 

Gilmedia has been experienced in working with WordPress to provide complete content management, SEO service and design help. The expert team also has the knowledge and skill-set required to provide the best WordPress optimizations for any business. Gilmedia can be reached at  (647) 478-5858 or through the contact page. 


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