Girls! Your mascara can make or break your beautiful makeup look so it’s very important to apply it correctly and wisely. If you use it too little then it looks as if you are not wearing mascara at all or if you use it in excess you may resemble like a panda or some other scary creature 🙂 . When I started using mascara I wasn’t very familiar with its use, I didn’t know how
to apply it, so if you are a beginner here are some of the basic top tips to apply mascara and create beautiful fuller lashes from the start!
1) Choose Your Mascara Wisely:
With increasing competition in the cosmetics market, every day new companies are coming up with new brands and types of mascara so it becomes very important to choose your mascara which suits you the best in the respective occasion. Lengthening mascara is best for day time, however thickening mascara works wonders in the night.


2) Picking Right Color:
 In case you have dark eyelashes then I would recommend you to use black or dark brown mascara in the day and black one in the night and if you have some sort of blonde eyelashes then light brown could be used for a casual look and dark brown for the night.

3) Curling the Eyelashes:
This is one of the most important parts of beautifying your eyelashes. Now you have found out the type, brand and colour of mascara to use; now the next step is to curl your eyelashes. Do it slightly. Opt for a padded eyelash curler as they do curling very precisely.


4) Pull Out the Wand Carefully:
It’s very important to pull out the wand in one motion, as we pump out the tube; air gets filled into it which leads to drying up of
the liquid. Moreover, make it sure that when you are applying the mascara then the wand and edge of the tube is clean so that the mascara could be applied smoothly.


5) Application on Upper Eyelashes:
You can apply two coats of mascara for more drama, firstly place the wand on the underside of your upper eyelashes, apply smoothly and slowly move it upwards towards the tip of lashes and be very careful not to close or blink your eyes for few seconds till it gets dry.
6) Application on Lower Eyelashes:
Here, use a bit less mascara starting from the lower eyelid, slowly pull down for the application.
7) Remove the Stray and Extra Mascara:
You can use a cotton bud to remove the stray mascara around your eye.
Now you are done with the perfect application of Mascara. I hope you liked it. In case you have some other tips for applying mascara then they are most welcome J
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7 Steps For Perfect Mascara Application

  1. I used to love mascara! I would spend so much time on it. My favourite mascara is the L’oreal telescopic mascara. Then I discovered eyelash extensions and now I’m obsessed with them.
    I love the effect of mascara but I hate the feeling of them on my lashes. They feel heavy and I rather just wear a strip lash.
    Love this post. Maybe one day I’ll go back to wearing mascara.

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