Bang on! The romantic, colder and most awaited winter season is approaching. We’ll change our clothes, reach out for our winter wools and even the footwear then why leave the makeup behind.

The 2021 winter’s makeup trends are all about creating stand-out looks by emphasizing your eyes, lips and overall look. Here I am revealing few make-up secrets and some products to create the fabulous winter makeup look which will add beauty and will definitely help to brighten up the face. Match these wholesale cosmetics products with your winter’s outfit and you are ready.

1. Prep & Smooth:

Before makeup, one should always start with skincare! Proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing of the face are important to have healthy glowing skin. Especially, moisturizing is the most important thing to do in the winter season which will help like a shield that prevents skin from drying out.

2. Flawless glowing skin:

Flawless skin is necessary for the look, so choose a liquid-dewy foundation and a shade closer to your skin tone this coming season. Always keep your complexion clear in order to draw attention to the best beauty features and if the foundation has the SPF content in it then it will work as a cherry on the cake 😀

3. Bright/dark lips:

This is the season where bright or dark pout will not pinch and the perfect way to add glamour to your look is by wearing a dark or a crispy red colour lipstick.  One can even replace the red with orange, berry or fuchsia shades or can play with the ombre colours to add brightness to the face by hoarding these amazing wholesale cosmetics. Make sure to keep your lips well moisturized, to avoid creasing and to prevent the lips from drying.

4. Expressive defined eyebrows:

Don’t forget to work on your brows and make them appear fuller and more arched by defining them properly. Strong brows will maintain their popularity this winter season. All you need to do is to enhance your brows to give them a youthful, natural appearance with just a few brushstrokes.

5. Creative Eyeliners and Mascara:

The great thing about eyeliner is that you can just play with it around your eyes and can show everything from classic, cat-eye, single/double-winged or freestyle shaped eyeliners. Use mascara to plump and to add volume to the lashes to make your eyes look larger and impressive. As long as it is big and bold, then it is on-trend. So just go and play :-D. Only eyeliner and mascara on the eyes can be your perfect helper for a great fashionable look for the eyes.

6. Natural Blushers:

Try to go for the peachy shades rather than going for the bright pinks. Cream blushes are best to use in winter. They can be used with the help of your fingers that would give a very dewy look to the skin or you can also use a very light shade lipstick on your cheeks by just dabbing and blending it well.

Here we finished off with the perfect trendy look for 2021. Hope this will be helpful 🙂


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6 Hottest Make-up Trends For Winters 2021

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