I am very excited to share this post with all of you :). Let me start by asking a question first that-“How many times you have wondered that how come these Bollywood Beauties look so beautiful and ravishing?” While watching these
goddesses of beauty we always wish to look pretty and gorgeous like them and they often leave us jealous of their beauty and glowing faces. But have you ever wondered that how would these beauties look once their makeup is stripped off? So today I am here with some of the pictures of these Bollywood beauties without makeup. Some of these beauties look very pretty in spite of no makeup however some of them look quite ordinary or look like a girl next door. Let’s find out:

Aishwarya Rai:
Former miss world and queen of many hearts “Aishwarya Rai” is considered to be one of the most beautiful woman of the earth! We all know that how beautiful she is and how much she is adored by everyone for her looks, find out some of her pictures without makeup and find out how she looks once her makeup is stripped off:
Aishwarya without makeup
Aishwarya looks pretty even without makeup.She has natural beauty.


Amisha Patel:
She started her Bollywood career with “Kaho na Pyar Hai” and charmed all of us with her beauty! I found her quite ordinary without makeup. What do you think?


Bipasha Basu:
Its time for this Bengali beauty “Bipasha Basu”. I would love to see her with makeup on. What do you say?


Bipasha Basu without makeup
Deepika Padukone:
 I  like her personally and she looks cute in both the looks, with and without

Rekha and Vidhya Balan:
Woops!! I love acting skills of both of these Bollywood divas. But I would surely love to see them with makeup only. They look totally transformed with makeup. Don’t they?


I love her! Take a look at this hazel-eyed Bollywood beauty. She looks flawless with makeup on, however without makeup she doesn’t impresses us much.


Kareena Kapoor:
I find Bebo cute even without makeup. What do you say?


Karishma Kapoor:
In this picture we can see Karishma and Kareena together. I feel she looks much better with makeup.


Madhuri Dixit:
I am a die-hard Madhuri fan 🙂 she was and is still very beautiful. She looks gorgeous even without makeup:)


Priyanka Chopra:
You can see that in this picture she is in minimal or no make up look, she still manages to look fine 🙂 but however after putting on makeup, we can see a great transformation.


Rani Mukherjee:
I don’t find her next door look quite attractive! I would love to see her with makeup only. What about you?


Sonam Kapoor:
There are no arguments that she looks great with makeup and when we see her without
makeup then it’s very hard to even recognize that who is that girl? 


Sushmita Sen:
Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen doesn’t look that appealing without makeup. What say?


She looks quite fine without makeup but makeup really transformed her looks.


Tanushree Dutta:
Her looks are very ordinary if we see her without makeup. What’s your take on this?

Thus after seeing all these beauties without makeup we got to know that a tremendous role is played by makeup in the transformation of the looks of celebrities :). However, sharing this post here doesn’t mean to defame or make fun of any of these Bollywood divas. All of them are quite talented and beauty mentor for most of us. My best wishes to all of them for the commendable work they are doing 🙂 so, friends I hope you liked this article. What’s your say? I would love to see your comments 🙂

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