Hey girls! Here are a few tips for you to get the perfect and natural pout you always desire. If you have thin lips but want bee-stung look? You can get that easily by following a few simple makeup tips. So here we go:

Use a balm: To begin with use a balm preferably with sunscreen on your lips. It should be colourless. The balm makes your lips dry which removes dead skin. Remove the excess balm after 10-15 minutes of application.

Use a primer:  It is important to use a primer as it helps the lipstick or the lip gloss to stay on longer and prevent it from rubbing off. You can also use a lip concealer with a drop of foundation to hide the lines on your lips.

Use a lip liner:  You can use a lip liner to enhance the shape of your lips. The lip liner is helpful to emphasise the natural curve of your lips. You should draw the line on the lips outline don’t go beyond that, highlight the natural shape of your lips. Use nude colours like light pink as a lip liner.


Use a lipstick brush:  It is advisable not to apply lipstick heavily to avoid stain on teeth. To get the perfect result it is very important to use lipstick brush rather than applying it directly.
Gloss it properly: Don’t use a gloss with too much of shimmer as it can make your lips dry. To make your lips look thicker, you should apply gloss only on the middle portion of your lower lips. 
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