When shopping for a wedding dress, brides want to find something that both showcases the latest in fashion, but also remains timeless and classic in their wedding photos. Every year, wedding trends change and evolve, creating a series of events that are different from the year before. It’s what makes the industry so exciting.

Here are some of the latest dress trends to keep in mind when looking for your dream dress this year.


Simple Gown, Big Accessories

These days, brides are taking inspiration from Meghan Markle and opting for a simpler gown. Favoured bridal shopping sites like SposaDresses are carrying a wide array of options, including the delicate lace overlay gowns which are a great option when it comes to beach wedding dresses that have been popular in recent years as well as simpler, plain white dresses with minimal fanfare.  For beach weddings we surely need a dress which has an easy-breezy style and cut so you can opt for the sultry ones with deep necklines or the sober cap-sleeve lace wedding dresses, the choice is completely yours. 

As the dresses get simpler, accessories get more elaborate. Chunky necklaces, hair chains, fascinators, and headbands are all stealing the show and simultaneously complementing and adding contrast to simple dresses.




While some brides are opting for plain white, others are choosing subtle ways to add flair by incorporating metallics. Some brides are choosing metallic accents that offer the same touch of sparkle as traditional beading without the elaborate (and often overpowering) stitching or the full shimmer of a metallic gown.

Metallic accessories are becoming fashionable as well. Some brides are opting for elaborate crowns as an alternative to a veil or the often softened tiara, embracing the feeling of being a Queen and leaving the princess behind.

Large Bows and Flowers

Some brides are forgoing the simplicity of a plain gown by adding large bows or floral accents. Vera Wang has been incorporating large flowers onto her dresses for the past year and it’s catching on quickly. A few of her latest pieces even have metallic flower accents on an otherwise plain gown.

Large bows and flowers offer an overt statement of femininity without the often childlike appearance of smaller bows and flowers.



Deep V Neck

Necklines have been getting deeper over the past year, especially as sleeves and coverage continue to be a common bridal gown trend. The deep V paired with long sleeves and traditional lace appliques offer a balance of elegance and sensuality that modern brides love. The same trend is appearing in other types of a line wedding dresses and is expected to stick around over the next few years before shifting once more to higher necklines and exposed backs.

For those who like the deep V look but don’t feel confident with the openness of the look can have an illusion panel added to their dress to keep everything in place.


Tulle skirts continue to be a hot look this year, though the look is evolving from the ballerina-inspired separates of wedding seasons of the recent past. Long, soft tulle skirts create an ethereal, dreamlike quality that creates the aura of a modern fairy tale. As opposed to the puffiness of ballroom gowns, these dresses create length and shape, making them ideal for shorter brides.

The best part about the latest wedding dress trends is that they are versatile enough that you can mix and match. Use this opportunity to create a look that will stand the test of time.


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Latest Wedding Dress Trends

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