For natural-looking make-up it is very important to apply it the right way. If overdone can give horrible results. It is very easy to achieve such a look by following some easy tips. So following are the tips which can make you look beautiful and stunning:

Tip #1 – Choose the Right Foundation

Foundation is not meant to change your skin colour, it is to be used to cover the imperfections on your skin. That’s why you are required to choose the right foundation which matches your skin tone and colour, otherwise, it will give a very painted look. You need to choose the foundation which blends with your skin so that it can look natural, good and can provide the right base for rest of the makeup. (Check out top 5 foundations for oily skin)
Tip #2 – Go for Concealer with a Yellow Tone
You are required to use concealer to cover blemishes, dark spots and dark circles under the eye area so that the imperfections on your skin can be covered. A yellow tone concealer best blends with the skin without changing its colour and gives your skin a natural look.
Tip #3 – Lightly Apply Foundation
For natural-looking make-up, it is very important to apply the foundation carefully and lightly. If you apply foundation excessively so it will give a much made up look which will look very unnatural. So it is required to apply foundation lightly and blend it well on your skin to get a natural look.
Tip #4 – Blending is crucial
It is very important to blend your make up well so that no streaks in your make up is left. If the make-up is not blended well a line around the edge of the face can be seen from where the makeup begins. This can be avoided by blending makeup down into your neck and blending makeup together so that no streaks are left. This gives a natural look instead of a painted one.
Tip #5 – Earth Tones for Eye
It is better to choose earth tones for eyes to keep it simple and natural. Go for browns, golds, plums, beige and other earth tones for eye shadow. You can use charcoal grey or brown colours for liner and mascara for a natural look. Preferably don’t opt for liner if you really want a light and natural look.
Tip #6 – Go with Natural-Looking Blush
Colour of blush should be kept natural looking so that it would not look made up. For this, you should go for light colours like light peach or light pink. Note the colour of your skin after exercising that is the colour of blush which will give a natural look on your skin and will highlight the cheeks without giving you a clown look.
Tip #7 – Natural Lip Color with Low Gloss
Keeping the lip colour natural is also important. To know the best natural colour for your lips have a look at your gums or rub your lips for a minute and have a look at your natural lip colour that is the lip shade you should use for enhancing your lips. Remember that the lip shade should be less glossy to maintain the natural look as more gloss will obviously look unnatural.
Tip #8 – Keep it less because more is not good
Most people think that the more makeup they put, the better they look. But that is never the case to get the natural look you should keep it under control, the lighter the makeup the better it will look. Otherwise, overdone makeup gives a very made-up look. So don’t ever think that more make-up is better. The lighter it is the better it looks, at least when you want a natural look.

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8 Important Tips For Natural Looking Make-Up

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