1) Retro Hair Accessory: You can use your scarf as a retro-style hairband which would help you in keeping your unruly hair in place during windy days. You can tie a low bow as a pony clasp or a tie-up it as a low bow on the side. Colors like neon, bold and overall prints will look chic and will add more style.
2)Belt it: Use your scarf to clinch up your waist as a contrasting and colourful belt with your dress to make it more beautiful and stylish. You can also tie it through the loops of low-slung jeans by using varying prints such as polka dots.

3)Use it along with a belt: You can have a cool vest like effect if you tie your scarf with the belt by draping the scarf around the shoulders and then tying a thin skinny belt on top of it around the waist.

4) Bow Tie: You can tie your scarf like a bow by knotting the scarf around the neck. Be careful in choosing the colors and prints. You can go for white and black colours with a touch of muted dots, mini prints etc.

5)  Wrap up your scarf: It is more of a necessity than a style as nowadays the sun is literally burning our skin. So this is the best way to cover your head and hair with the scarf and protect yourself from the sultry sun.
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How To Style Your Summer Scarf Right- Hot Summer Tip

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