A Beach wedding is a dream of many though it can surely cause some confusion about what to wear for the guests. Whenever we hear about beach weddings all that comes to our mind regarding dress code is a little casual, cool and comfy look or dressing for the wedding as opposed to the traditional dress codes like formal or semi-formal or cocktail. The venue, weather and time of the year will surely play a major role while deciding your look.


Your first instinct would be to opt for a sundress for the beach wedding but you need to remember that beach wedding attire depends on the wedding style and venue. Always remember that the beach wedding attire needs to have a sense of formality. Though you need not wear an evening gown your outfit still needs to be wedding appropriate. You can not show up in t-shirts or flip-flops no matter how casual the beach wedding may be. So in case you are wondering what to wear for the beach wedding, we are here to help you to plan an appropriate outfit for the occasion. 

The most common beach outfits for women include mini and midi dresses, jumpsuits or formal rompers. You can purchase some amazing beach wedding dresses cheap from one of our favourite online shopping destinations Rjerdress. Another important thing to be considered is the fabric of the Beach wedding attire. You should choose breathable materials like linen or cotton for your dress. The most common dress code for a beach wedding is semi-formal. Though you should select your attire based on the type of beach wedding you are attending.

Formal Beach Wedding

You can opt for a dress or a jumpsuit for a formal beach wedding. Go for light, solid colours and breathable fabrics. Tea-length dresses are totally acceptable as formal beach attire. Wear fabrics like lace or metallic as that would up the elegance. When it comes to footwear opt for formal sandals or chunky heels as stilettos are hazardous on the sand. 


Semi-Formal Wedding

You can wear a dress, jumpsuit or formal romper to a semi-formal Beach wedding. Avoid wearing anything which is very loud and does not shy away from wearing prints. If you opt for a beachy dress then go for a maxi or tea-length dress to avoid looking too casual. Acceptable footwear options would be wedges, chunky heels or dressy sandals.

Casual Beach Wedding

You can go for a breezy maxi, a simple sundress or a high-quality romper for a casual beach wedding. Avoid wearing beachwear flip flops though dressy sandals are completely acceptable. Go for bold prints and lighter colours as that will elevate your casual look.


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Things to Remember When Dressing for a Beach Wedding

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