Heatwaves are rolling around, and it’s important to protect your hair from summer sizzlers. Sunkissed photos make you look good, but not so good for your hair. Enhance your summer haircare game to get rid of dry, frizzy, damaged, and dull hair. 

Your hair loses moisture, shine, and volume when you expose them to harmful UV rays, humidity, chlorine, heat, and sweat. There are lots of reasons why your strands are looking lifeless. From heat styling to colouring, it is necessary to defend your hair from all the stressors that are ripping the life from your hair. Let’s find out what are the reasons behind bad hair days. 

5 Major Factors That Damages the Hair

Damaged hair can be caused by the factors:

  • Excessive sun exposure – It can leave your hair dry, and brittle, and it can also cause discolouration, frizziness, and more split ends. However, UV rays can also affect your hair shaft that damage your hair cuticle, and breaks down keratin (a natural protein found in hair)
  • Chlorine water – Frequent contact with chlorinated water can damage your hair in ways like weakening your hair strands, itchy scalp, split ends, changes in your hair colour, and much more. 
  • Medications – Taking medicines can easily interfere with your hair cycle. Certain medications like birth control pills, antibiotics, cancer medications, etc, can contribute to hair issues such as hair loss, and changes in hair colour and texture.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle – Having a messy lifestyle can invite unwanted hair problems. It can be due to stress, smoking, and alcohol, and unhealthy eating habits are some of the triggering points. 
  • Hereditary – There are some possible hormone abnormalities that can be a cause of your hair issues. 

If you can relate to any one of the mentioned conditions then it’s probably not good news for your hair.

So, now the point is what can we do to regain the health of our hair. Ready to find out how you can restore and lock the moisture to your hair and scalp? Keep on reading-

What can you do?

You can tackle your damaged hair with some lifestyle and dietary changes, and along with this several other remedies also offer effective ways to bring back moisture and shine. Here are the 10 tips you must follow to avoid your hair issues. 

  • Cut Down on Alcohol – It is better to avoid the regular use of alcohol in order to restore your hair health. Consuming alcohol can cause hair breakage and excessive hair loss. Due to alcoholism, some long term effects make it hard for your body to maintain a healthy hair cycle. 
  • Contact with Chlorinated Water – You must protect your hair from chlorine to minimize the adverse effects of chlorinated water. Below mentioned are some of the points that will help to reduce the damage:
    • Rinse your hair before and after coming in contact with chlorine. 
    • Wear a swim cap to prevent chlorine from reaching your hair. 
    • Use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.
    • Apply natural oils to your hair.
  • Nutrition – There are various vitamins and minerals that play an important role in maintaining healthy hair. You must consume a sufficient amount of nutrients for your perfect hair care. Taking biotin, zinc, and essential Vitamins A to E is a major contribution to your healthy hair. 
  • Biotin – This supplement not only enhances hair health but also improves strength. The deficiency of biotin in the body can bring several hair issues which is why it is important to maintain healthy hair growth. There are lots of vitamin supplements available in the market that are rich in biotin and help reduce hair issues. The best part is supplements are now also available in the form of gummies that are equally effective and healthy too. Likewise, Gorgeous Hair and Nails Gummies by Power Gummies are effective in maintaining healthy hair, are filled with biotin, vitamin A to E, Zinc and more, that nourishes the body from within and helps strengthen roots to reduce hair fall by up to 90 days.
  • Dietary habits – Adding the right supplements such as antioxidants can make your hair look healthier and shinier. You must include the following in your diet to ramp up your hair care routine:
    • Walnuts
    • Broccoli
    • Kidney beans
    • Flax seeds
    • Tomatoes
    • Chia seeds
    • Seafood (including salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna)
    • Blueberries
  • DIY remedies – Try out some home remedies in your spare time like using natural hair masks to nourish damaged hair. One can apply the following to deeply nurture the hair strands and restore your hair health:
    • Yoghurt and oil hair mask 
    • Avocado paste
    • Gelatin preparation
    • Essential oils
    • Apply aloe vera gel

  • Haircare Regime – By following some basic tips in your daily routine will help you to revitalize your hair health. Follow the stated steps to maintain a healthy hair routine:
    • Use shampoos and conditioners that are sulphate free and mild
    • Cover your hair with a hat or scarf in outdoors
    • Avoid using styling tools
    • Avoid tight hair ties
    • Do oiling frequently 
    • Avoid using chemical shampoos
    • In wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb 
    • Avoid regular washing
    • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Overheat – Over applying heat to your hair can cause damage. To protect hair from heat damage, try to avoid too much use of heat styling products like straighteners and curling irons. However, remember to use a hair protectant if you are using heat styling products to protect your hair from damage. 
  • Hair tying – Avoid tight hair tying because it can cause breakage to your hair. Tight your hair loosely at bedtime to avoid frizziness. It should be better to avoid tying your hair tightly in a ponytail or bun.
  • Maintain Hygiene – You must take care of your hair hygiene to ensure it stays clean, strong, and healthy. Poor hair hygiene can lead to various hair issues like itchy scalp, dandruff, greasy hair, and much more. Follow the mentioned steps to avoid such hair issues:
    • Use silk pillow covers
    • Use soft and clean water to wash your hair 
    • Wash your combs and don’t share them with other people
    • Wash your hair towel once in two days, and dry under sunlight for sanitization. 
    • Massage your scalp to remove the dirt and oil while shampooing
    • Deal carefully with wet hair
    • Do not rub your wet hair vigorously
    • Don’t use plastic combs and brushes 

Scorching heat & dust often takes a toll on healthy hair, due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Following the mentioned tips would allow you to maintain a healthy hair care regime and taking biotin for hair growth is a real saviour. 


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