French Manicure is something with which we all have been obsessed for years. This trend is the safest and classic style to pick for any occasion. As we know it involves the traditional soft pink base with white tips. So girls are you bored of the same old and want something new and refreshing?? If yes, then you should try the unconventional Reverse French Manicure with glitter, mattes or opaque hues that have been mixed and matched to create designs that will wow everyone. 

What all you need to do is just highlight the white moon shape that is just above the cuticle instead of highlighting the tip of the nail. Things that will be required are two different hues (preferably contrasting shades) for base coat and top coat, masking tape and a pair of tweezers. 

Firstly, manicure your nails in a round shape for a soft and natural look. Then apply a base coat and let it dry. After the base coat has dried, cut a small C shape in the tape which matches the size of your nail bed. Stick that semi-circle piece of tape onto your nail. Now it is time to apply the second coat of the contrasting nail paint. After the second coat removes the tape piece delicately with the tweezers.
Always remember to apply the topcoat to make your French manicure last as long as possible. It is preferable to choose the contrasting shades according to your skin tone.


Reverse French Manicure: A New Style Statement

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