For most high-school students, Prom night is a big night and it makes all the sense in the world for you to try and find cheap clothes online that would look perfect on you. There is definitely a lot more to Prom than just the dress, but that dress is a huge part of what makes a girl feel special throughout the entire night. Now, choosing that dress is no easy task, especially if you are picky or if you don’t have too much experience with special dresses, but it is about to get a lot easier after you have gone through all the tips below.

Do You Know What Your Body Type Is?

The female body type goes beyond just curvy or slim when it comes to fashion, and matching your body type to your dress is essential when you want to find that perfect Prom dress. In case you don’t know what we are talking about here, check them out below to see which body type you can identify the most with.

The Hourglass

This is what traditionally is considered to be the ideal female body type to have in terms of aesthetic appeal, but opinions may differ. As far as fashion is concerned though, the slender waist and the proportionate figure does give one an edge. While such a proportionate body would let you carry any bold or conservative style without having to worry about too many parameters, mermaid/trumpet dresses will look particularly good. Another popular option to adorn the hourglass figure would be a long flowing dress with a sweetheart neckline.

The Pear Shape

When the hips are significantly wider than the waistline on a female frame, with a comparatively smaller bust and narrow shoulders, it’s known as a pear-shaped figure. If this applies to you, choose a dress that balances out the proportions by being tight on top and around the waist, but flowing out more generously below the waist. Half or quarter sleeve cheap dresses are a good choice here, but you can easily pull off long sleeve prom dresses with a pear-shaped body, as well as sleeveless dresses. The halter neck is a good option while going strapless is another.

The Apple Shape

In contrast to the pear shape, women who have a particularly big bust in comparison to their hips, are considered to have an apple-shaped figure. An A-line gown with a classic empire silhouette is always a good idea, but do not opt for it in white (which is common) because lighter colours are best avoided here. Deep necklines, halters, strapless dresses and just about any other style that accentuates the upper torso is what you should be looking for. Do not shy away from embroidered or embellished long sleeve prom dresses either because they fit perfectly with an apple-shaped figure.

Inverted Triangle (Broad Shoulders)

Just as the term suggests, women with broad shoulders, an undefined waist and comparatively narrow hips fall under this category. The goal here is to create an illusion of a defined waistline and shift the focus off your broad shoulders. Do steer away from off-shoulder and halter neck dresses though, because they will accentuate the broadness of the shoulders more. Embellished belt long sleeve V-neck prom dress is in fact, one of the best options for women with broad shoulders and a narrow waist because the belt creates an illusion of a defined waist, the deep V-neck accentuates the bust and the white dress is just short enough to attract attention to the lower body without highlighting the narrow hipline. In general, ball gowns, ruffled skirts and A-line dresses may all work, but you will have to be choosy with them.

The Rectangle

When the shoulders, the waistline and the hips appear to be quite similar in width, the frame would be classified as a rectangular body type. While the main problem here is a lack of defining lines, this also creates an opportunity for you to experiment with a whole range of options. It is easy to create an illusion of definition on a rectangular body with asymmetric cuts, deep necklines, flowy gowns, halter necks and waist hugging dresses among others. The thing is, as long as you pay attention to creating a bit of symmetry and definition, you can basically pull off anything with a rectangular body.

It would be wrong to say that one’s body type should be the only determinant factor while choosing a dress from our favourite website BerryLook, but if you can get that part right, the rest of it won’t feel as confusing as before.


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