Anyone who has a dream should pursue it. It doesn’t matter what it is. There are so many unique talents that many of us possess and sometimes all we need is a little push from someone saying that we can do it. That’s the essential advice that a woman named Doe Deere gives to those who are hoping to start up their own business. If there is anyone that we should take advice from, it’s Deere. For the past 10 years, Deere has been the founder and CEO of a very successful makeup company called Lime Crime. The reason she’s done so well is that she’s discovered not only her passion but also a product that there was a need for. Together, that winning combination is what has made her super successful.


Deere created Lime Crime in 2008. If you haven’t heard of, it’s something you need to check out if you’re craving more from your makeup. This company focuses on creating a bold and beautiful look that’s unique. If you’ve seen Deere out in public, the first thing you’ve probably noticed about her is her makeup. Deere is a magical woman who likes to rock bright colored hair, lips, and eyeshadow. She views makeup as art. Deere never wanted to blend in with the crowd by rocking a natural look. That’s why she branched away from that and created a company where if people want to rock purple lips, they can.

Deere and her company are trendsetters. In recent time, society has moved away from the natural look and they’re craving makeup that creates a bigger statement. Deere has been keeping up with the trends by delivering new products that are as always, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Recently, Deere has helped launch new diamond crushers for lips, hair dye in bright colors, and spunky new eyeshadows. The new Venus Palette which launched just a short time ago has already been a smashing success from those who want a bright and shimmery look for their eyes. Every product that this company has launched helps to enhance the beauty of the individual. The newest Venus Palette is no different. The gorgeous purples and lavenders are perfect for spring.

At the end of the day, Deere and her company put some passion and pride in what they develop. They’ve stated that if they’re not 100% happy with a product, they won’t launch it. They’re truly behind their cosmetics no matter what. That’s why whenever you see Deere, she’s wearing her own company’s product. She believes in it and what it has to offer. We can all learn a lot from Deere. Not just by taking her makeup ideas, but also by following her advice. Deere believes that everyone has something special about them. She believes that people should be able to express their inner and outer beauty. That’s why she works so hard to deliver these high-quality and long-lasting products. That’s also why Deere believes in entrepreneurship and individuals following their dreams and passions.

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