Hi girls, this time I am back with another style trend that used to prevail during the Victorian Era. Now a day’s lots of unique and popular fashion trends are finding their way to current fashion culture. Currently, you must have seen that a popular fashion trend called “Blower Hat” is very in these days. 
This Victorian-era style hat is also called a bob or a derby hat. It is basically a hard felt hat which is a round crown. It’s a sophisticated style that used to a trademark for pop culture ideals and historical figures. You must have seen the famous ‘Charlie Chaplin’ wearing this Blower Hat as his signature statement. Recently, Bollywood celebrities have been spotted wearing this stylish Victorian Era hat such as Amir Khan in Dhoom-3, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor at various events.

Way To Style It Right!

Now comes a question that how to style this “Blower Hat” right? Of course, as a cover hat, this one will surely help you out on a bad hair day and will add rocker-chic vibes to your outfit. This blower hat offers varied styles and can be worn as suited to your personality. If you want to give your outfit a strong edgy vibe then wear it with a leather jacket and jeans, you will surely steal the show. 


Earlier people used to think that this kind of hat complements man but does not fit the feminine look but recently Kareena was spotted wearing one with a cute floral dress and she looked absolutely stunning. For an edgy feminine look, a blower hat can be worn with opaque stockings and wedge boots too. This will give effortlessly cool vibes.


I am definitely going to try a blower hat this season, it seems quite interesting! What about you?



Stylish Blower Hat! Would You Try?

  1. The show was a little bit weird but also interesting to watch 😀
    Oh yes the butter chicken was really delicious <3

    Nice post with interesting hats. I have a bald head so I wear headscarves =) It's from my circular hair loss since 2010.

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