Your living room is the heart of your home and probably one of the best places for family hangouts. This is where you spend lazy evenings watching your favorite movies or TV shows. Also, it serves as the venue for house parties and family gatherings. So you need to make sure that this part of the house is warm, comfortable and beautiful. From the flooring to walls, furniture, and décor, everything should define your taste as a homeowner. Plus, it should serve the comfortable vibe that your family and guests would love.

Furniture, in particular, is very important because it decides the look and comfort factor. Whether you are planning to decorate your new living room or looking for a revamp, you need to be extra smart with the choice of furniture. You should consider several factors for choosing the pieces that match your vision and budget. Let us share some tips that can help you pick the best pieces for this part of the living space.

Start with planning

First things first, start with a proper plan for your living room’s décor. The size of the room is the most crucial factor when it comes to deciding the number and size of furniture pieces. Measure the space and visualize the number of pieces that you would want. Draw it on paper to understand your exact requirements. You can even use a virtual reality app to ideate a floor plan.

Consider your lifestyle while deciding the type of arrangement you would want for the room. For example, you will need plenty of seating if you host parties frequently. Families with young children should have fewer pieces to give the little ones more moving room. As a rule, avoid cluttering the space and have only as many pieces as you actually require. Budgeting is another key aspect of the planning phase.

Stick to your personal style

Even before you step out to buy furniture for your living room, have a clear idea about your personal taste. Every area of your home should replicate your taste and your living room is not an exception. You should decide a décor that appeals to your personal preference. It may be rustic or contemporary and you should choose every element accordingly. Sticking to one style brings consistency to the décor.

Although you should choose unique pieces, look for flexibility as well. Adding the right accessories to your shopping list will just do the trick. These include curtains, cushions, and rugs that match the furniture pieces you buy. Have everything covered in a single shopping trip so that you get a complete décor with elements that look good together.

Begin with the basics

Now that you are done with the planning phase, the next step is actually buying the furniture. Begin with the basics such as a sofa, a coffee table, accent chairs, side tables, and stools. You can have more or less depending on the available area and your personal requirements. The idea is to start with the most important pieces and then buy more as and when you want and can afford them.

It is a good thought to have a focal object that is the highlight of the place. For example, you can shop a Chesterfield from SW James first and build the rest of the arrangement later. This comfortable centrepiece offers warmth to the place and looks amazing as well. And you cannot just get a better feel than plopping up in this one!

Play with color

Colorful furniture pieces can make your place lively and beautiful. Play with color that matches the décor and your taste as well. If you are not keen on choosing vibrant colors, pick neutral tones and add a pop of color with accessories. Just throw some bright cushions on your sofa and you will suddenly feel fresh vibes for the living room!

When you buy furniture pieces one by one, do have a scheme in mind. You can experiment with colors but make sure that you don’t go overboard. Balance is the key when it comes to choosing the apt color palette. Consider factors such as flooring and wall colors as well. Check home décor websites and ask an expert decorator if you want advice.

Durability is as important as aesthetics

Another tip for picking the right furniture pieces for your living room is to prioritize durability. Always invest in reputed brands that sell quality products, whether you buy online or from a store. Buy only sturdy pieces made with the best material because furniture is a long-term investment for any homeowner. Also, look for ones that are made with stain-resistant fabrics.

High-quality, durable pieces last for a lifetime and save you from the hassles of repair or replacement. Go through product reviews as well because only real users can give you facts about quality. Even if you have to spend a little extra on durable furniture, do it because you will save up in the long run. So you should go ahead and invest in nothing but the best.

Find functionality and storage

Functionality is another key factor to consider while shopping for living room furniture. You can get smart and buy a sofa-cum-bed to accommodate overnight guests. The side tables give you a good place to display your family pictures and antiques. You can buy nice wallboard to house your favorite books and knick-knacks.

When it comes to functionality, consider the storage space beside the usability of the pieces you buy. Double duty storage in chests and sideboards can be of great use for putting away the spare stuff. You can even pack away your out-of-season clothes in them. Such pieces surely make a great purchase if you want to keep your place clutter-free.

Now that you have these tips for buying furniture pieces for your living room, you can make better decisions by comparing the range and prices of various brands at brand stores and online stores. Shop wisely because these pieces can be assets for a lifetime.


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6 Tips To Pick The Best Furniture Pieces For Your Living Room

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