You might have that much time to wait for the lockdown to get over and plan your bachelorette party. Just because the lockdown uplifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic has ruined your wedding plans does not mean that it needs to shower on hen’s party too! 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear bachelorette party to celebrate your last days of singlehood? Wild, luxurious, unique, mad, and creative? We get it. We know the time has been really tough for all of you and throwing a bachelorette party without inspiration can be daunting. Do not stop yourself from throwing your celebration and fulfilling your dreams. There are plenty of ways that can make your day special without a huge gathering too! When planning a bachelorette party, you should consider everyone’s interest too, especially the bachelorette decorations. A stunning bachelorette party has the power to make your lockdown bachelorette celebration to the next level! And we mean it. To make your day joyous and a memorable one, we have come up with few amazing ideas for the bachelorette party decoration even in lockdown. Let’s see which one will be your next inspiring idea this fall!

Tips To Host Bachelorette Party

1. A Virtual Bachelorette Party

We till now have known the value of the virtual world through the lockdown and ongoing pandemic. You can connect with everyone virtually so why not celebrate your last day of fling virtually too. It might sound legit like a nightmare however, this trend is not that horrible. Host a virtual party and decide on the perfect online videoconferencing platform that is user-friendly too!

2. Lock a Classy Theme and E-invites

So what it’s a virtual bachelorette party. You can for sure have a theme planned for this special day. Get the amazing bride to be decorations, props, and accessories online on time right at your doorstep. Amp up your screens with the best bachelorette theme to add the vibe. Make sure to use the stuff that you have decided to purchase.

3. Sassy Outfit for the Day

Lock a perfect outfit of the day and say goodbye to your boring pajamas! Dress up like a diva and flaunt your last days of singlehood more stylishly. It will lift the mood of the expected bride and her bridesmaid. There is no lock down to stop you from glamming yourself up.

4. Menu For the Day

You can take a call off for the day if you do not want to do the cooking thing all by yourself. Order your favorite food online from Swiggy or Zomato that is best for safe and hygienic food and delivery on time. So, no more waiting longer when you have such an amazing option for your menu!

5. Time for Some Fun Games

Planning a virtual bachelorette party can be boring without games and how can you even think one about one. Not happening right! From never have I ever to other virtual games, you can do it all! Add games and interesting truth or dare for your party to add fun and excitement.

6. Please Don’t Stop the Music

As it, time for your celebration, let’s set the dance floor! Adding music is going to be worth remembering. Dance to your favorite music playlist with your girls and brighten up the party no matter you are miles away!

7. Take Pictures

We know you are missing your girls and you can not do anything about it except virtually meeting them! Take pictures of your celebration to make the day worth remembering.

Styling Tips for Bachelorette Party Decoration

1. Dress Up Space with Pinterest Worthy Balloons

One of the most effective and inexpensive Pinterest-worth bachelorette party decorations at home can be the addition of balloons. Additions of balloons such as foil, latex, or confetti balloons can add color, style, and flair to your special day. Fill your room or the wall with stunning balloons that go pretty well with your bachelorette party theme.

2. Rose Gold Bachelorette Color

One of the hottest trending and more royal-like bachelorette party decorations can be the addition of shades of rose gold all around. Decorate your room with all shades of rose gold and bachelorette party items such as balloons, banners, lights, swirl decoration, and photo booth props. 

3. Team Bride With Cool Photobooth Props

Nothing can be better than the addition of fun-filled photo booth props that add a celebration vibe to your special day. We know you had so many plans for your day and this lockdown might have been a spoiler for you. No worries photo booth props can be greatly essential to add a similar vibe to your celebration.

4. Think as cool as Glow-In-The-Dark

One of the cool themes and decorations that is going around is glow-in-the-dark bachelorette party decoration. Go for all the party favors that glow in dark to add some fun element to your celebration. And oh yes, get some cool glow-in-the-dark bands for all your team. 

5. Go Retro With 90s Décor

Going for a retro bachelorette party decoration can be sure to add a wow factor to your bachelorette party. Dress yourself and your space like the 90s with a shade of some bright colors or some black and white hues to look like a 90s diva! Rock the virtual party with all 90s girls.

6. Some Shade of Blues 

The shade of blues never looks boring as they are so much vibrant, soothing, and pleasant to look at when added for bachelorette party decoration. You can add bachelorette party balloons, banners, swirl decoration, curtains, props in the shade of blues.

7. Add Color With Rainbow Décor

Add as much color as you can with the addition of all rainbow bachelorette decorations. Colorful balloons, banners are fun and fast ways to complement your party décor they instantly liven up blank space and add plenty of visual interest too.

8. Wish the Bride With Banner

There is nothing like a Bride-to-be banner to sprinkle little magic on your virtual bachelorette party. Instead of a basic banner, add some stunning and pretty color banners according to your theme which can be one of the fantastic ways to go. You can also pick a foil balloon banner that wishes you on your special day.

9. Accessories of the Day

Make a real stylish statement with bachelorette party accessories. Get a sash and tiara to add a sense of playfulness to your special attire of the day. You can also try some funky goggles or headbands to make a unique fashion statement.

10. Cake for the Day

The last fling before the ring cakes can be a great choice to celebrate your day. Cake cutting can be the best to embark on a new journey of your life. Select something that has a personal touch and reflects the story of bachelorhood. Do not forget to add cake toppers to make it look fancier!

As the year calls for virtual everything, don’t be hopeless as we have already mentioned above to make your virtual bachelorette party fun. Pinky Promise, these ideas will cheer you up and give you something new and unique experience which we are sure you are going to remember for ages.


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