Hello girls! Today I am going to share some very important information with you. It is something we all should know. Few chemical that are frequently used in your beauty products are harmful for your skin. So always keep a check on the ingredients list of all the beauty products you use. Avoid using those products which contains the following:

Synthetic Scents: Well the label perfume might look attractive on the ingredients list of any beauty product but the reality is this that there are more than 3000 chemicals which are being used as fragrance. These can cause runny nose and eyes, skin irritation etc. Many of them are not even gone through toxicity test.

Mineral Oil: Despite being a petroleum product this is used in baby oil. This is something which can cause acne and clog pores.
Parabens: You all must be knowing about the ill effects parabens can cause. They are mostly used in moisturisers, make-up and shampoos. They can cause serious mess for harmone function and is also associated with breast cancer. So avoid purchasing the products which contains ingredients with names ending with paraben. For example, propylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben etc.
Triclosan: This is non-degradable which makes it environmentally unfriendly. Triclosan is generally used as a preservative in cleansers and deodorants. It reaches into the deepest layer which can cause skin irritation.
Sulphates: This can cause excessive skin irritation, depression, eye damage, stomach problems and uneasy breathing. It is mostly used in cleansers and shampoos to create rich leather.
So girls beware!!

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